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BFSI & Fintech Summit 2023 Agenda

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E- Rupee is one of the innovative steps by the Reserve Bank of India towards the digitization of payments and financial transactions in India by the introduction of this  sovereign currency. The launch of this currency has generated a lot of discussions among the BFSI sector stakeholders, channel partners and the general public.The speaker will shed light on how newly launched E-rupee will help to secure, convenient, payment options to areas where traditional banking service is not accessible, how it is different from UPI payments, usage, prospects, challenges and how e-rupee will usher in the next big digital payment revolution in India.

The BFSI sector needs a comprehensive strategy and a roadmap in order to implement digital transformation. The experts from the businesses will explain what kind of digital transformation is needed in the current BFSI system, how those transformation will help to solve problems in the BFSI sector, challenges that the sector and the general public will face in bringing about the digital transformation, and where the sector is headed in the following five years.

Personalization is the key to enhancing customer satisfaction. In the new digital age hyper customization with incorporation of customer data and AI Technology,  the customer experiences have amplified. The speakers from the businesses will discuss how hyper personalization has aided in increasing client acquisition, engagement, and retention in this session. With this session, the attendees will also benefit from the enterprise’s expert knowledge and expertise in incorporating hyper customization as they become aware of, are inspired by, analyze, and incorporate the advantages of doing so for improved customer experience with careful consideration that must be taken before incorporation.

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The BFSI sector worldwide has quickly embraced technology-based services, but this digital transformation has also introduced various risks. Cyberattacks, such as phishing, Trojans, ransomware, and spoofing, are becoming more prevalent. The professionals will provide their knowledge on how to prevent such breaches, the potential causes of compromises, the necessity of a regulatory system to prevent such situations, and the ways in which blockchain technology can energize the security system of the BFSI sector.

Cooperative banking 3.0 characterized by the increased use of technology and the adoption of new business models to better serve the needs of customers. Experts believe that the next step for cooperative banking is to focus on collaboration and partnerships. This includes collaborating with fintech companies to offer new digital services, partnering with other financial institutions to expand the range of services, and working with government agencies to address financial inclusion issues. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and to achieve that the banking system needs to upscale. The panel discussion will revolve around what type of  plans and strategies the enterprises should follow, challenges they might face, outcome assessment and so on.

The current boom in fintech firms has spurred debates about the potential advantages and difficulties of the opportunities and ramifications of the new trends. Industry executives and professionals get together for this enlightening panel discussion to examine the bright future of fintech in India. This panel intends to shed light on the transformative potential of fintech in empowering people and businesses across the country in light of India’s quickly changing digital ecosystem and the growing acceptance of technology-driven financial solutions. The panellists will discuss the new trends, regulatory issues, and creative potential that will influence the direction of fintech in India in areas ranging from the advent of mobile payments and digital wallets to blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Data centers play a critical role in helping the BFSI sector achieve its business objectives. From improving operational efficiency to enhancing security and compliance, data centers can provide significant benefits to BFSI institutions. By staying ahead of emerging trends and leveraging new technologies, BFSI institutions can continue to innovate and deliver value to their customers

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