A Journey of Tech Leadership: Empowering Transparency in the Salon Industry with SalonTym

A Journey of Tech Leadership: Empowering Transparency in the Salon Industry with SalonTym
A Journey of Tech Leadership: Empowering Transparency in the Salon Industry with SalonTym

Leverage AI to empower transparency and enhance the overall customer experience.

This is an exclusive interview conducted by the Editor Team of CIO News with Vishal Saini, CTO at Salontym.


My professional journey in the world of technology has been marked by continuous growth and transformation. Over the past eight years, I have honed my expertise in Java and Python, delved into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), and played a pivotal role in helping founders build a million-dollar company. Currently, I am embarking on an exciting entrepreneurial venture, co-founding “SalonTym” alongside my accomplished co-founder, Geeta Chetri, who brings a decade of invaluable experience in operations. Together, we are working diligently to leverage AI and usher in a new era of transparency in the salon industry.

The Java and Python Era: Building a Strong Foundation (8 years)

My professional journey began with Java and Python, two versatile and widely used programming languages. Over the course of eight years, I had the privilege of working on diverse projects, ranging from developing robust enterprise applications to creating innovative web solutions. Java’s robustness and platform independence and Python’s versatility and readability equipped me with a broad skillset, enabling me to tackle complex software challenges.

Venturing into Artificial Intelligence (2 years)

Around two years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of artificial intelligence. Driven by my curiosity about AI’s potential to revolutionize industries, I dedicated myself to mastering machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. This knowledge enabled me to harness AI’s power to solve intricate problems and drive innovation.

Contributing to a Million-Dollar Company

During my AI journey, I had the privilege of collaborating with visionary founders who aspired to make their mark in the tech industry. Together, we developed a groundbreaking product that addressed a critical market need. Through our collective hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence, our company experienced rapid growth, ultimately achieving million-dollar success. This experience underscored the importance of teamwork, innovation, and persistence in achieving remarkable milestones.

SalonTym: Pioneering AI Transparency in the Salon Industry (Current)

My latest venture, SalonTym, represents the pinnacle of my professional journey. In partnership with my co-founder, Geeta Chetri, who brings a wealth of experience in operations spanning a decade, we are on a mission to disrupt the salon industry. SalonTym leverages AI to empower transparency and enhance the overall customer experience. Our platform enables users to book salon services at home while providing essential information about service quality, pricing, and stylist expertise. AI algorithms analyse user reviews, stylist portfolios, and salon ratings to offer customers personalised recommendations, ensuring a transparent and reliable salon experience.


My professional journey has been a dynamic and rewarding adventure, from mastering Java and Python to immersing myself in the world of AI and contributing to the success of a million-dollar company. Now, as the co-founder of SalonTym, in partnership with Geeta Chetri, we are thrilled to leverage AI’s capabilities to revolutionise the salon industry, placing transparency at its core. This journey embodies our unwavering commitment to using technology to drive positive change and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the continued growth, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead as we embark on this remarkable path in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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