Aarna Networks Announces a Production Ready Private 5G Solution with Druid Software and Airspan

Aarna Networks Announces a Production Ready Private 5G Solution with Druid Software and Airspan
Aarna Networks Announces a Production Ready Private 5G Solution with Druid Software and Airspan

Aarna Networks announced a private 5G solution in collaboration with Airspan and Druid.

The solution features an easy-to-use single pane of glass to enable managed service providers (MSPs), vertically specialized system integrators (SIs), and multi-site enterprises to deploy and operate a large number of private 5G networks.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/: Aarna Networks today announced a production-ready private 5G solution along with Airspan Networks, Inc. and Druid Software that is optimized for managed service providers (MSPs), vertically specialized system integrators (SI), and multi-site enterprises worldwide. The solution is designed to address the growing demand for enterprise network connectivity beyond the capacity of legacy networks, such as WiFi or cabled. The technology is optimized for multi-site organizations that need to manage a large number of private 5G networks and edge sites, all managed from a single pane of glass.

Private 5G-based networks are being adopted by enterprises in verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, logistics, energy, retail, agriculture, and construction to improve mobility, coverage, latency, scalability, security, and reliability. The collaboration between Aarna Networks (orchestration and management), Airspan Networks (5G RAN), and Druid Software (5G Core) is a multi-vendor partnership to bring a fully disaggregated solution to the market. The packaged offering includes Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP), an open-source management and orchestration platform for edge environments and private 5G.

The solution includes the following components:

1. Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP): An open-source orchestration, lifecycle management, monitoring, and real-time policy-driven closed-loop automation platform for edge and private 5G services.
2. Airspan RAN: Our 5G Stand Alone (SA) radios excel both indoors and outdoors, operating seamlessly across sub-6 GHz bands. With a focus on small form factor, energy efficiency, and strict adherence to 3GPP standards, our radios are tailored for private networks. The Airspan Control Platform (ACP) software platform seamlessly integrates with AMCOP, ensuring a hassle-free experience in network management akin to managing a WiFi network.
3. Druid’s Raemis™ core network platform: a mature 3GPP-compliant 4G/5G platform that harnesses 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi radios from any vendor to streamline the implementation of standalone networks. It is designed for mission- and business-critical communications, ensuring high-quality service, including capabilities for prioritisation and network slicing. In addition, Raemis™ scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the set-up of small or very large private networks, and it can be deployed on edge hardware devices or in high-dependency cloud-native environments. Built on the REST API, Raemis™ facilitates seamless integration with critical enterprise applications and simplifies private network management via an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

“We’re finally starting to see private 5G networks emerge as the superior choice for a variety of industry use cases. We’re thrilled to partner with industry leaders like Airspan and Druid, which enables us to offer a comprehensive solution built for superior functionality and ease of use. This joint solution is very unique for MSPs, vertically specialized SIs, and multi-site enterprises in that it can scale to a very large number of networks.” Amar Kapadia, CEO & Co-Founder, Aarna Networks

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Aarna Networks, addressing the rising demand for enterprise connectivity beyond conventional networks. In collaboration with 5G Core Vendor Druid Software, we’re streamlining the deployment and management of private 5G networks and edge sites, offering organizations a unified and simplified network orchestration experience,” said Abel Mayal, SVP of Technology and Marketing at Airspan.

Druid software quote:
“We are seeing strong interest in the Aarna Networks Private 5G Solution and its user-friendly interface, which empowers MSPs, specialized SIs, and enterprises to seamlessly deploy and manage numerous private 5G networks. With our commitment to a multi-vendor approach, we believe the synergy between Aarna, Airspan, and Druid will help our customers experience the truly transformational potential of 5G technology,” commented Tadhg Kenny, President of Strategic Partnerships at Druid Software, on the announcement.

The teams from Aarna, Airspan, and Druid will be at Mobile World Congress 2024, February 26–29, in Barcelona, Spain. Use [email protected] to set up a meeting.

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