Adobe introduces an AI helper that can search and summarize PDFs

Adobe introduces an AI helper that can search and summarize PDFs
Adobe introduces an AI helper that can search and summarize PDFs

Adobe introduced an artificial intelligence assistant in its Reader and Acrobat programs that can provide summaries and answer queries about PDF documents.

Adobe’s Reader and Acrobat apps now have an AI assistant capable of summarizing and answering queries about PDFs and other documents.

The AI helper, which is still in beta, is now available on Acrobat, “with features coming to Reader over the coming days and weeks,” according to an article. Adobe intends to release a subscription plan for the product once it is out of beta.

The AI assistant will assist users in digesting information from lengthy PDF documents by providing quick summaries of their contents, according to the business. The assistant may also answer inquiries about the material in a document using a “conversational interface,” as well as propose questions that users may have regarding the file.

According to an article, Adobe’s AI assistant can also provide citations that allow users to verify the source of the tool’s responses, as well as content for various forms such as emails, presentations, and reports.

Other AI models, such as ChatGPT, provide PDF readers that accelerate the analysis of lengthy documents, but those services require users to provide a PDF. Adobe’s AI assistant is a built-in function.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen stated that the new tool represented the company’s desire to “democratize access” to the billions of PDFs in use.

“Imagine you’ve opened a 100-page paper. You want to grasp the summary, engage in discussion with it, and ask questions,” Narayen explained. “You want to correlate that with other documents that you might have as well as the entire information that you have in your enterprise.”

Last Monday, OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, released a new tool that generates realistic, high-definition video from a text input. In response to a query on whether OpenAI’s Sora model encroaches on Adobe’s turf, Narayen stated that the business is “working on our video models as well” and aims to apply the technology “in a responsible way” to “tools and workflows.”

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