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AI Technology To Enter Cybersecurity Market By 2030, Will Replace Human Jobs

AI technologies will enter the cyber defence market due to a spike in security risks as cyber infrastructure adapts to work-from-home after the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enter the cyber security industry by 2030, replacing human employment, which is projected to produce USD 38.2 billion by 2026, up from CAGR 8.8 billion by 23.3 per cent in 2019. According to the ResearchAndMarkets study and the latest study released by the IT protection company Trend Micro, AI is expected to make revenue of $101.8 billion in 2030. Due to the increase of cyber attacks as cyber technology adapts to work-from-home during the pandemic, and rising data issues and a heightened vulnerability of Wi-Fi networks to security threats, the cyber security AI is expected to expand exponentially over the next 5 years.

Key players such as Darktrace, Cylance, Securonix and IBM are now looking at AI for security incidents in cloud workloads, emails, endpoints, networks and servers to protect the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. According to the Cloud Protection firm’s study, at least 41% of IT professionals agree that combating the never-ending cyber-crime race and ever-changing cyber threats would automate cyber defence with AI to improve cyber security. “Concerns have been raised about how data analytics automation will be addressed as the market for artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow,” Trend Micro said. It is expected that cyberspace will turn into automatic individual decision-making, including profiling, and that the technology sectors will re-engineer goods and services to conform to AI technology.

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