AIZEN Redefines Electric Vehicle Financing Landscape with AI-Powered ‘EV-CreditConnect’

AIZEN Redefines Electric Vehicle Financing Landscape with AI-Powered 'EV-CreditConnect'
AIZEN Redefines Electric Vehicle Financing Landscape with AI-Powered 'EV-CreditConnect'

AIZEN Global Showcases a Revolutionary AI Integration Technology Platform to Address Growing Global Demand for Electric Vehicle Financing

Anaheim, California, USA, November 27, 2023 / AIZEN Global Co., Inc. (“AIZEN” or “the Company”), a fintech firm specializing in banking services within the data economy platform, created a resounding impact at the 21st World Korean Business Convention in Anaheim, California, held from October 11–14, 2023.

In preparation for its U.S. market debut, AIZEN strategically addressed a gap in the electric vehicle financial sector with the introduction of its innovative AI-based platform, ‘CreditConnect EV.’ The convention, which hosted 29 promising Hi-Seoul companies supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in collaboration with the Seoul Business Agency, provided an ideal environment for networking and fostering business growth. This strategic move seamlessly aligns with AIZEN’s overarching goal of advancing the electric vehicle financial landscape.

Founded by financial experts, AIZEN developed ‘EV-CreditConnect’ as a transformative solution for the evolving financial landscape. Globally recognized for its commitment to innovation, the Singapore FinTech Awards placed AIZEN as the second-best global enterprise, with the ‘Responsible AI Company (MAS AI Veritas Challenge)’ award from the Monetary Authority of Singapore solidifying its position as a financial innovation leader.

The 21st World Korean Business Convention, the first to venture overseas, attracted over 3,000 attendees from 50 countries, providing a unique networking platform. AIZEN seized this global stage to unveil ‘EV-CreditConnect,’ an AI-powered electric vehicle banking platform recently expanded into the Asian market.

‘EV-CreditConnect’ serves as a specialized financial service designed for the electric vehicle sector. Leveraging AI capabilities, the platform transforms diverse data into credit information, empowering financial institutions to offer competitive loan products. This innovation has gained traction in the electric two-wheeler markets of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore, showcasing AIZEN Global’s commitment to exporting South Korea’s FinTech innovation.

Strategic collaborations with industry leaders, including Best Express in Vietnam, SWAP in Indonesia, and Lazada Logistics, underscore AIZEN’s focus on fostering data integration across sectors. Through these partnerships, ‘EV-CreditConnect’ aims to bridge the gap in credit decision-making using AI-driven financial technology.

Mr. Jung Seok Kang, CEO of AIZEN Global, expressed optimism about engaging with North American investors, partners, and international institutions, signaling plans to expand electric vehicle banking services to the rapidly growing North American market.

As North America moves towards converting all public transportation buses and industrial vehicles to electric by 2035, AIZEN is poised to address the increasing financial demand for electric vehicles and their components.

Recognizing evolving trends in the electric vehicle finance sector, AIZEN developed ‘EV-CreditConnect,’ a tech platform combining the electric vehicle ecosystem with AI. This aims to support financial institutions in developing reliable financial products and providing trustworthy credit assessments for the electric vehicle market.

In a direct statement, Mr. Jung Seok Kang emphasized AIZEN’s commitment to bridge the gap between electric vehicle operators and financial institutions. “We’re here to bridge the gap between EV operators in need of financing and financial institutions seeking to reduce EV financing risks through real-time analysis. We look forward to forming partnerships with interested financial institutions.”

AIZEN Global’s participation in the 21st World Korean Business Convention represented a significant leap in shaping the future of electric vehicle financing. With the introduction of ‘EV-CreditConnect,’ the company positions itself at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly connecting diverse industries through AI. This initiative not only revolutionizes the electric vehicle financing landscape but also lays the foundation for sustainable and efficient financial solutions.

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