Aurora InfoTech to Host Small Business Tech Day 2023 in Jacksonville

Aurora InfoTech to Host Small Business Tech Day 2023 in Jacksonville
Aurora InfoTech to Host Small Business Tech Day 2023 in Jacksonville

Roy Richardson of Aurora InfoTech will empower Jacksonville small businesses with premier cybersecurity insights at Small Business Tech Day

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/ Roy Richardson, Vice President and CSO of Aurora InfoTech, an IT security services company catering to small business owners in Orlando, has been officially selected as a host for the second annual Small Business Tech Day, scheduled for November 16.

This online event is completely free and exclusive. It will showcase renowned personalities like Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank, Adam Cheyer, one of the co-founders of Siri, and bestselling author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz.

Small Business Tech Day has a clear purpose: to empower small businesses in Jacksonville, FL, with the latest insights and strategies in technology and cybersecurity. The goal is to boost productivity, increase profitability, and provide protection against cyber threats that businesses face in the digital world.

“In today’s interconnected business landscape, cybersecurity is of utmost importance, especially with the increasing use of AI and rapid digital expansion. As small businesses rely more on digital platforms, the risk of cyber threats also grows, putting operations, data, and reputation at risk. It’s not just practical but also strategic to safeguard your digital assets, ensuring continuity, trust, and resilience. With the right tools and strategies, your business can proactively adapt to evolving threats and overcome challenges. By securing your digital presence, you strengthen both operations and trust, creating a thriving ecosystem for Jacksonville businesses.” said Roy Richardson, Vice President and CSO of Aurora InfoTech.

“Safeguarding your digital assets isn’t just practical; it’s strategic—ensuring continuity, trust, and resilience.” — Roy Richardson

This international event will bring together prominent business leaders, technology experts, and visionary minds. Their collective mission is to provide small businesses with insights that enable them not only to survive but also to thrive. The focus is on harnessing the potential of emerging technology trends.

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