AVIA and AVISI combine forces with an MOU to fight against piracy and protect and promote content in Indonesia

AVIA and AVISI combine forces with an MOU to fight against piracy and protect and promote content in Indonesia
AVIA and AVISI combine forces with an MOU to fight against piracy and protect and promote content in Indonesia

MOU marks closer collaboration and a significant step towards fighting online piracy in Indonesia

JAKARTA, August 30, 2023, (ACN Newswire): The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) and the Video Streaming Association of Indonesia (AVISI) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Jakarta. The signing, held at the Coalition Against Piracy’s (CAP’s) State of Piracy Summit, sees AVIA and AVISI come together to both fight online piracy in Indonesia and promote awareness of the efforts to do so.

The MOU represents a significant step forward for AVIA and AVISI in combining their resources to combat online piracy in Indonesia and protect Indonesia’s creative and media industries. Representatives from Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) were also in attendance at the signing of the MOU, which followed a panel at the State of Piracy Summit hosted by AVIA and attended by representatives from Kominfo and AVISI.

The signing of the MOU comes at a time when CAP’s most recent annual consumer surveys show that 54% of consumers in Indonesia will access pirate services in 2023, the fourth highest incidence of piracy in the region. There is, however, growing awareness of the downsides of piracy, with 94% of Indonesian consumers believing that online piracy has negative consequences, the highest percentage in the region, with damage to the creative industry being the biggest perceived negative impact.

Ajeng Parameswari, General Secretary of AVISI, emphasising the core mission behind AVISI’s inception, said, “AVISI was established to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for the digital-creative industry, one that harmonises seamlessly with the video streaming business model. Yet, the primary challenge we confront today is the pervasive threat of piracy.”

Ajeng further underscored the imperative for a collective, amplified response to piracy: “AVISI is delighted to announce a pivotal partnership with AVIA, aiming to widen the battle against piracy, transcending borders, and safeguarding content not only within Indonesia but also on an international scale. The eradication of piracy is a shared responsibility, one that must resonate as a resounding deterrent to those who perpetrate it. In this endeavour, government support is pivotal.”

The AVISI and AVIA partnership marks a significant milestone in the ongoing struggle against piracy, reaffirming AVISI’s unwavering dedication to upholding a piracy-free digital-creative industry. Together, they pledge to strengthen defences, promote legal access to content, and champion the rights of content creators, ensuring that creativity thrives and piracy recedes.

“We are delighted to join with AVISI to continue the fight against online video piracy,” said Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA. Boswell also noted, “Piracy is the single biggest problem the video industry faces, and to solve the problem there has to be a multi-pronged approach. With the creation of AVISI, I believe we will have greater success and engagement with the industry in Indonesia to continue working towards solutions. And we have to acknowledge the great support of the government and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo), who have been such great partners in addressing and mitigating the problems of piracy. With our new relationship with AVISI and Kominfo support, I am more optimistic than ever that momentum is growing, which will continue to stem the tide of piracy in Indonesia.”

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