UN research claims China is leading race for generative AI patents

UN research claims China is leading race for generative AI patents
UN research claims China is leading race for generative AI patents

China has filed six times as many patents as its closest rival, the United States, indicating that it is far ahead of other countries in the development of generative AI products like chatbots, according to U.N. data.

According to U.N. data released on Wednesday, China is far ahead of other nations in developing generative AI products like chatbots, filing six times as many patents as its nearest competitor, the United States. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is in charge of overseeing a system for nations to share recognition of patents, the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which creates text, images, computer code, and even music from preexisting information, is booming, with more than 50,000 patent applications filed in the last ten years.

It stated that only 25% of them were filed in 2023. This region is expanding rapidly and is currently experiencing a boom. Additionally, we anticipate further growth there,” WIPO Patent Analytics Manager Christopher Harrison told reporters. According to the WIPO, China filed more than 38,000 GenAI inventions between 2014 and 2023, whereas the US filed 6,276 throughout the same time period. Harrison stated that a wide range of industries, including document management, publishing, and autonomous driving, were covered by the Chinese patent filings.

According to the data, India was increasing at the highest rate, followed by South Korea, Japan, and South Korea in the rankings of third, fourth, and fifth, respectively. China’s ByteDance, the parent company of the popular video app TikTok, Alibaba Group, a major player in Chinese e-commerce, and Microsoft, a supporter of the startup OpenAI that developed ChatGPT, were among the top applicants. While shops and other businesses are currently using chatbots that can mimic human speech to improve customer service, GenAI has the potential to completely change a wide range of other economic areas, including science, publishing, transportation, and security, according to WIPO’s Harrison.

The potential influence of GenAI-created chemicals on medication development is particularly apparent in the scientific sector, as highlighted by WIPO’s Harrison. “The patent data suggests this is an area that is going to have a profound impact across many different industrial sectors going forward.” The WIPO stated that it anticipates more patent applications in the near future and intends to publish an update of the data in the future, potentially utilizing GenAI to highlight the pattern.

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