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Cloud-computing business: Amazon brings back former executive

Cloud-computing business unit has become the most profitable business of Amazon

To run the cloud-computing business unit of the company, Amazon on Tuesday said that a former executive, Adam Selipsky will be back.

The cloud-computing business unit has become the most profitable business of the online shopping giant, Amazon.

One Selipsky returns to Amazon in May, he will become the head of Amazon Web Services (AWS) later this year. He will be replacing Andy Jassy, who will become the CEO of the company once the founder Jeff Bezos becomes the executive chairman after stepping down from the role of CEO.

AWS accounted for more than 60 per cent of Amazon’s profits last year. AWS, which powers video-streaming site Netflix and many other companies, is also the number one provider of services of cloud-computing business, but it faces growing competition, especially from Microsoft that has aggressively sought to sell big contracts to businesses and governments. Last year, with the US government, Amazon lost a multi-billion dollar contract to Microsoft. Amazon is fighting that decision in court.

Seattle-based Amazon said that Selipsky, worked at AWS for 11 years before leaving in 2016 to run software company Tableau that was later bought by cloud-based software company, Salesforce.

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