CloudMile Launches Information Security Management Solution Responding to the Growing Risks of Cloud and AI Applications

CloudMile Launches Information Security Management Solution Responding to the Growing Risks of Cloud and AI Applications
CloudMile Launches Information Security Management Solution Responding to the Growing Risks of Cloud and AI Applications

Streamlining hybrid multi-cloud risk management to help corporates safeguard against data breaches

The “Information Security Management Solution” offered by CloudMile encompasses a holistic assessment, implementation planning, and professional delivery.

HONG KONG SAR, Media OutReach Newswire, March 13, 2024: Effectively managing information security risks has become the foremost challenge for businesses in light of the growing popularity of digital transformation. CloudMile, a leading artificial intelligence and cloud service provider in Asia, announces the launch of its “Information Security Management Solution,” tailored for corporate clients, dedicated to addressing risks associated with hybrid multi-cloud environments and AI applications. Leveraging the robust data ecosystems of major public clouds and real-time technical support from the CloudMile team, the solution aims to help enterprises defend against cyber security threats.

Increasing Risks of Data Leaks Arising from Cloud and AI Applications

As various cloud-native solutions continue to advance in sophistication, many enterprises are gradually migrating their traditional data centres to the cloud to reduce hardware procurement and maintenance costs while increasing the scalability and flexibility of their organisations. However, in hybrid cloud environments, businesses are confronted with risk management challenges during the integration of cloud and on-premises systems, including a lack of clarity on the differences between cloud and on-premises information security products and a lack of knowledge among internal staff in utilising and implementing cloud security products, etc. In cases of user error or misconfiguration in the cloud, the resulting data leaks can lead to significant losses for businesses.

Together with the widespread applications of generative AI (GenAI) in recent years, the data and relevant information collected and stored herein may be shared with third parties, such as vendors and service providers. During the process of sharing data, unauthorised attackers may gain access to and steal the data. Without necessary data protection measures in place, this exposes information security risks, such as data breaches and theft of user information.

84% of Organisations Experienced Hacking Incidents Last Year

According to the latest survey conducted in 2023 by security solution provider Fortinet, 84% of respondents indicated that their organisations had been hacked at least once in the past year. Among those affected, 48% of enterprises reported economic losses exceeding $1 million (equivalent to approximately HKD 7.8 million) due to vulnerabilities in information security. In addition, 46% of the organisations considered “cloud security skills” as the most needed information security skill by businesses today. Last year, two public institutions in Hong Kong fell victim to hackers, resulting in the theft of a significant volume of sensitive data and subsequent demands for ransom. These incidents underscore the increasing importance of information security. Businesses can protect their sensitive and confidential data through third-party professional information security management services.

Simplifying Cloud Management Processes Through Information Security Solutions

CloudMile specialises in providing cloud computing and AI consulting and delivery services. Serving over 700 companies in the Asia-Pacific region, CloudMile has successfully assisted various large and well-known enterprises in cloud migration, showcasing extensive experience in cloud architecture. The “Information Security Management Solution” offered by CloudMile encompasses a holistic assessment, implementation planning, and professional delivery. This comprehensive approach helps clients examine and evaluate their existing security frameworks and resources while also developing blueprints and execution guidelines that align with key reform objectives. The solution enables clients to establish a complete security framework from three perspectives: personnel, processes, and technology.

The solution incorporates international information security standards, including ISO 27001, NIST, and CISHIPPA, ensuring compliance and robust protection. It assists enterprises in performing assessments on the current security framework, defining objectives and implementation items, developing blueprints and information security governance strategies, as well as evaluating existing security defense mechanisms, corporate security culture, governance practices, and reform priorities. CloudMile also provides businesses with professional standardized deployment methods, including technical planning and cloud environment setup, network construction, security architecture, and staffing, all crucial elements in safeguarding against cyber threats. Additionally, CloudMile offers Cloud FinOps services to optimize cloud architecture and provides education, training, and real-time technical support to solve clients’ technical challenges.

Eric Wong, Country Manager, CloudMile Hong Kong, says, ‘The global trend of enterprises migrating to the cloud has become increasingly prominent, presenting businesses with challenges in hybrid IT and transformation. In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, CloudMile’s services offer comprehensive protection to safeguard enterprises’ underlying hardware infrastructure, ensure network transmission encryption, and fortify defenses against external attacks. By simplifying risk management processes, we aim to offer suitable value-added services for enterprises to relieve IT professionals of management burdens, allowing them to focus their valuable time on core business activities, thereby creating maximum value for businesses’ hybrid multi-cloud applications.’

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