D-Central Technologies Partners with CryptoCloaks: Bitcoin Mining Meets 3D Printing and Design Services

D-Central Technologies Partners with CryptoCloaks: Bitcoin Mining Meets 3D Printing and Design Services
D-Central Technologies Partners with CryptoCloaks: Bitcoin Mining Meets 3D Printing and Design Services

A partnership between D-Central Technologies and CryptoCloaks is set to advance Bitcoin mining with innovative tools and solutions.

LAVAL, QC, CANADA, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/: D-Central Technologies, a pioneering force in the Bitcoin mining industry and Canada’s premier Bitcoin mining hosting provider and ASIC repair center, has announced a strategic partnership with CryptoCloaks. This collaboration is set to transform the Bitcoin mining landscape by introducing a range of updated and advanced mining products, catering to both enthusiasts and professional miners.

Expanding upon its existing array of mining shrouds, D-Central Technologies is now utilizing CryptoCloaks’ expertise in 3D design to ensure that its customers have access to the latest and most efficient mining products. Known for its innovative and high-quality designs, CryptoCloaks will continue to focus on its core strengths, while D-Central Technologies broadens its scope to include a full suite of 3D printing and design services, specifically tailored for the grassroots of the Bitcoin mining community.

Jonathan, the founder and CEO of D-Central Technologies, elaborated on the strategic significance of the partnership with CryptoCloaks, emphasizing the enhanced focus and innovation it brings to their operations. “Our collaboration with CryptoCloaks marks a pivotal shift in our business model. It enables us to broaden our scope and concentrate on pioneering new products tailored for the Bitcoin mining community. We’re transitioning from being solely providers to also being innovators and creators in the field,” he stated.

He further clarified the distinct roles within this partnership, highlighting how it streamlines their production process. “By partnering with CryptoCloaks, we can avoid duplicating efforts on products they already excel in, such as mining shrouds and Bitcoin space heaters. This strategic decision allows us to channel our resources and creativity into developing unique and much-needed tools in the Bitcoin mining space.”

Jonathan pointed out the specific initiatives that D-Central Technologies is focusing on, underscoring their commitment to innovation and support for the mining community. “We are fully dedicating our efforts to creating groundbreaking tools like the Bitaxe, Bitcrane, Piaxe, Nerdaxe, and the upcoming open-source hashboard tester. These initiatives are our brainchild, conceived to empower individual miners and strengthen the decentralization of Bitcoin mining. They represent our dedication to filling gaps in the market with inventive solutions that have not yet been explored.”

This partnership underscores D-Central Technologies’ dedication to using and promoting technologies that empower sovereign individuals. By offering a full suite of 3D printing and design services, D-Central is not only enhancing its product range but also reinforcing its commitment to the Bitcoin mining community.

Jonathan further added, “Our focus is on building tools for the next Bitcoin cycle, concentrating on the real defenders of Bitcoin’s decentralization—the mining plebs. Our goal is to provide them with the necessary resources to thrive and contribute to a more sustainable and decentralized Bitcoin network.”

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