DeepMinds & TTP launch the Root4AI initiative

DeepMinds & TTP launch the Root4AI initiative
DeepMinds & TTP launch the Root4AI initiative

By launching Root4AI in partnership with TTP, we are bringing together world-class talents and resources to build the future of autonomy.

Abu Dhabi: DeepMinds, the Deeptech venture builder, and TTP, the UK-based leader in technology development and rapid manufacturing, today announced an agreement to jointly launch the Root4AI initiative.

Root4AI will focus on the rapid deployment of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence to solve complex problems. Combining DeepMinds’ experience in building deep tech ventures and its localized clusters with TTP’s proven track record and expertise in developing breakthrough technology and its 300+ scientists and engineers, Root4AI is uniquely positioned to accelerate innovation, deployment, and commercialization in industries ranging from uncrewed aircraft, eVTOL, autonomous farming, and construction equipment to industrial autonomy.

The ability to combine industry-leading sensing technologies with AI edge processing and RF communication in real-time is a major technology capability with multiple vertical applications. The joint vision is to localize these technologies in the region with strategic partners and mobilize an investment of AED 194 million over the next 5 years to catalyze the autonomous technology cluster.

Vidhya Sridhar, TTP’s Head of Autonomous Systems, said, “AI-enabled autonomy has the potential to augment human capability across several industries. Benefits range from removing humans from unsafe environments and reducing human drudgery to escalating efficiency. TTP has a proven track record of commercial deployments of this technology in regulated markets such as aviation and healthcare. Root4AI will bring to bear our capabilities in fundamental sensing, AI (from traditional machine learning to LLMs), and an understanding of how to deploy AI safely in a regulated environment.”

“Root4AI will be addressing the next generation of AI-enabled sensing solutions for real-time situational awareness and scene understanding in all weathers and leveraging TTP’s world-leading expertise in satellite communications.” Said Dr. Abdenour Haddou, CTO of DeepMinds.

“Root4AI will allow us to jointly develop and manufacture cutting-edge autonomous solutions with speed and scale,” said Nathan Wrench, Technology Partner at TTP. “We see huge potential for AI and autonomous technology to transform how we live and work, and we’re excited to help enable that future.”

“We believe that autonomous systems and AI will transform industries and improve lives,” said Amine Staali, CEO of DeepMinds. “By launching Root4AI in partnership with TTP, we are bringing together world-class talents and resources to build the future of autonomy. Together, we aim to enable faster, safer, and more reliable deployment of autonomous systems across industries.”

Root4AI will be operated from Abu Dhabi and aims to serve the MENA region with its partners around the world to build and deploy autonomous technology at scale. DeepMinds and TTP will be meeting their regional partners while exhibiting at LEAP 2024 (4–7 March 2024, Riyadh).

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