DKI Unveils Advanced Digital Healthcare Solutions with Critical Predictive Analytics for Early Detection and Prevention

DKI Unveils Advanced Digital Healthcare Solutions with Critical Predictive Analytics for Early Detection and Prevention
DKI Unveils Advanced Digital Healthcare Solutions with Critical Predictive Analytics for Early Detection and Prevention

Pioneering Connectivity and Prevention Strategies in the Future of Healthcare

USA, November 27, 2023 / DKI Technology Co., Ltd. (“DKI” or “the Company”), a leading provider of AI-based digital healthcare platforms, proudly unveiled its groundbreaking innovative technology at the 21st World Korean Business Convention held in Anaheim, California, from October 11–14, 2023.

As the official promotional representative, DKI’s notable participation at the convention, which united 29 promising Hi-Seoul companies, supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in collaboration with the Seoul Business Agency, created an ideal space for networking and fostering business growth.

This prestigious appointment underscored DKI’s unwavering commitment to advancing digital healthcare, focusing on connecting overseas Koreans with cutting-edge medical services and reinforcing its pivotal role in the evolving healthcare technology landscape. Spearheaded by CEO Heo Kyung-Soo, DKI seized this unique opportunity to spotlight its innovative digital health-care solutions before a diverse international audience.

Stepping onto the global stage, DKI showcased its flagship digital healthcare platform, ‘Redwood Health,’ and the groundbreaking health management app, PFH (Prestigious Family Healthcare). With these innovations, DKI aims to bridge the gap between overseas Koreans and Korean health-care networks, breaking down barriers and creating global networks in healthcare.

PFH offers a paradigm shift in family healthcare, providing a centralized platform for users to create family channels, share vital health metrics, and monitor real-time health status. The app not only prevents medication misuse but also employs advanced AI algorithms to predict severe diseases, a critical feature for enhancing early detection and prevention strategies.

DKI strategically participated in the World Korean Business Convention to explore new growth opportunities in digital healthcare. Leveraging the convention, the company successfully established partnerships and collaborations for the international expansion of its services, with a particular focus on reaching out to overseas Koreans and their families residing in the U.S., aligning its services with their needs and preferences.

CEO Kyoung Su Heo expressed optimism about the convention, stating, “With 7.32 million overseas Koreans showing immense interest in health-care services from their homeland, DKI’s digital healthcare platform, ‘Redwood Health,’ combined with ‘PFH (Prestigious Family Healthcare),’ holds the potential for significant synergy. We aim to actively network with overseas Koreans, identify their health-care needs, and develop services that position DKI as a leading brand in K-Medical.”

DKI, with extensive development experience and distinctive technical expertise in AI, healthcare, IoT, mobile, and security, has secured a leadership position in the smart community healthcare sector. The company recorded revenue of $203.6 million in 2022, showcasing an annual growth rate that solidifies its position as a key player in the industry.

Envisioning its participation in the World Korean Business Convention as the beginning of an exciting journey to redefine the landscape of digital healthcare, DKI doesn’t merely anticipate business growth; it envisions making a significant contribution to the health and well-being of overseas Koreans. The convention served as a platform for DKI to forge strategic partnerships, shaping the future of global health-care connectivity.

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