Dubai Municipality to review integrated digital programs and services at Gulfood 2024

Dubai Municipality to review integrated digital programs and services at Gulfood 2024
Dubai Municipality to review integrated digital programs and services at Gulfood 2024

Al Hajri: Gulfood 2024 will provide an innovative platform for Dubai Municipality to shed light on its efforts to construct a sustainable food system. “Gulfood 2024 will provide an innovative platform for Dubai Municipality to shed light on its efforts to construct a sustainable food system to enhance the quality of life and achieve the objectives of the Dubai Food Security Strategy.”

Dubai, UAE, February 18, 2024: Dubai Municipality is set to participate in Gulfood 2024, one of the largest food and beverage exhibitions to be held from February 19 to 23 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, to review its integrated digital programs and services aimed at enhancing Dubai’s food sector.

The event, which is set to host over 5,500 exhibitors, will serve as an innovative platform for the municipality to showcase its relentless efforts to enhance food safety and quality in the Emirate of Dubai.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, highlighted the significance of the municipality’s participation in the Gulfood Exhibition, which is one of the biggest events that brings together food and beverage communities around the world. H.E. added that the exhibition is an annual forum for sharing expertise and knowledge in the field to gain a comprehensive understanding of global and future trends, the latest industry developments, production, circulation, and food and beverages.

H.E. Al Hajri stated that the exhibition will serve as an ideal opportunity to shed light on the municipality’s efforts to create a sustainable food system in Dubai while safeguarding communities from food risks. H.E. further pointed out that this will contribute to enhancing Dubai’s status as a role model for global cities and achieving the objectives of the Emirate’s Food Security Strategy.

Al Hajri said: “During our participation at the Gulfood Exhibition, we will showcase our efforts in guaranteeing food safety and quality as well as our cutting-edge digital services that facilitate import, export, and registration operations for food products and shipments. These digital services contribute to enhancing the availability of flexible, sustainable, and integrated food supply chains. It also enhances our efforts in educating food enterprises, traders, and suppliers about the most recent safety standards, food specifications, and environmental sustainability, thereby ensuring their implementation.”

Dubai Food System Excellence Program

Dubai Food Systems Excellence Program, the most recent initiative to recognize the best food establishments in the application of integrated standards of food safety, nutrition, environmental sustainability, community responsibility, digitization, and innovation, will be reviewed by the municipality during Gulfood.

The program’s objectives include consolidating Dubai’s position as a major hub for global trade, encouraging food businesses to distinguish themselves, and upholding a sustainable system of food, health, and environment to improve the quality of life.

Additionally, it targets food outlets in the Emirate of Dubai that are classified as restaurants and snack preparation facilities, including local restaurants and cafeterias in hotels and public places.

IRS System for Import, Export, and Registration Services

Dubai Municipality will further review its services for food merchants and suppliers, which offer them access to the IRS to streamline import and export procedures and track food products. In addition, the municipality will also promote practices that minimize food loss and waste in the Emirate during its participation at the event, in addition to increasing customer understanding of the regulations, processes, and transactions associated with food shipments.

The customer’s journey with the IRS entails several steps, including securing a license, registering the company on the municipality’s website, evaluating food products, submitting an import application on the import and export system, requesting the arrival of the shipment at the port of entry, and transporting it to the port control office for inspection and release.

Furthermore, it includes staff members’ receipt and inspection of the shipment, the release of the shipment from the port, its arrival at the importer’s warehouse, the collection of samples, the laboratory inspection of the product, and ultimately the product’s access to the local market.

Dubai Municipality is committed to developing programs and launching initiatives to strengthen Dubai’s food sector and achieve self-sufficiency and food security. The municipality constantly monitors the food sector to guarantee that the Emirate has access to the best materials and products of high food safety and quality.

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