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Enable technology to perform intellectual tasks, says Rami Ayoob, CIO at Spark Tech Hub

The idea is to use technology not just to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to use technology to transform that service into something significantly better

When asked how he planned his career path to be a successful Chief Information Officer (CIO), Rami Ayoob, CIO at Spark Tech Hub, in an exclusive interview with CIO News, said, storing, processing, and communicating business information to concerned authorities inside and outside the firm determine the efficiency of a company. A CIO makes this happen with his IT background and project management skills. He is the one that bridges the gap and channelizes proper transmission of information.

While working on any projects, I take absolute precautions for securing the company’s data. I always maintain strong business relationships with vendors and keep myself posted with the latest tools and trends in the industry. My strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills help in leading and finishing up projects comfortably. Besides, I also have the motivational skills that boost up confidence and provide an impetus to the team in a positive manner.

When asked about challenges he faced in his career path and how he overcame them, he said, driving digital culture throughout the business is one of the key challenges which required a proof of concept and presenting the outcomes of the proposed digital solutions, with consideration of keeping up with security and data privacy.

Building a Strategic Business Transformation with innovative and updated best practices, aligned with all aspects of IT planning, implementation, and Transform Technology into a tactical business partner

When asked about challenges faced by CIOs today in a similar industry while implementing digital technologies, he said, to transform Enterprises to remote operation at crises conditions such as COVID-19 pandemic by several upgrades on the infrastructure and Business process such as migrating the data centers to Cloud, application mobility on (Mobile devices, Tablets, ETC), Using collaborative tools (Office365, G-suit) for Business continuity and efficient productivity, process automation by AI and RPA to minimize human efforts and physical engagements.

Engagement and interconnection with the stakeholders at different levels and departments, regular awareness regarding the IT project’s plans and progress, establishing a SWOT analysis with the executives and Department Head to identify the best practices of the IT enablers which affect directly on their departmental processes.

When asked how CIOs can overcome the challenges faced, he said, to develop a clearly defined and focused business vision, define business objectives and develop a strategic action plan for each objective broken down into tasks with a list of needed resources and a specific timeline.

Setting the team priorities and performance objectives, reviewing performance & methods employed and spearheading the team’s decision-making process, create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture, motivation, and clear goals.

When asked about best practices/industry trends/advice he would like to suggest to fellow CIOs for their successful professional journeys, he said, enable technology to perform intellectual tasks such as decision making, problem-solving, perception, understanding human communication, and insight to the big data for better business opportunity, service portfolio and operation.

Generate business value from IT-enabled investments, achieve strategic goals, and realize business benefits through effective and innovative use of IT.

He highlighted to make usage of digital technologies to remake a process to become more efficient or effective. The idea is to use technology not just to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to use technology to transform that service into something significantly better.

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