Fortinet expands its secure networking portfolio to further drive the convergence of networking and security

Global MSSPs Select Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and SASE to Deliver Secure Networking Services to Customers
Global MSSPs Select Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and SASE to Deliver Secure Networking Services to Customers

Introducing new FortiGate 90G, accelerated by SP5 ASIC and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services

Bangalore, India, August 29, 2023:

John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Product Strategy at Fortinet: “Networking and security must converge to effectively secure and connect hybrid infrastructure and empower hybrid work. In fact, we predict that within this decade, secure networking will eclipse networking to dominate the marketplace. Fortinet will continue to expand and integrate its secure networking portfolio, combined with FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, across next-gen firewalls, secure SD-WAN, universal ZTNA, and SASE, as well as LAN and wireless LAN.”

News Summary

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today announced the FortiGate 90G, the first secure SD-WAN appliance and NGFW with the new security processing unit 5 (SP5) ASIC that delivers industry-leading AI-powered threat protection performance, scalability, and power efficiency at a cost-effective price. This new addition to Fortinet’s Secure Networking portfolio expands the company’s ability to deliver consistent security, unified management, analytics, and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services across the entire hybrid network.

Introducing the FortiGate 90G with SP5 ASIC

The new FortiGate 90G series of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) delivers enterprise-grade secure networking capabilities, such as hybrid mesh firewalls, SD-WAN, and SD-Branch, to distributed edges. FortiGate 90G is also the foundation for customers’ SASE and zero-trust journeys to enable secure internet access, secure private access, and secure SaaS access.

FortiGate 90G is fully integrated with FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, providing advanced intrusion prevention for deep packet inspection of SSL/TLS traffic, web security services such as DNS and URL filtering for blocking access to malicious domains and URLs, and content security such as inline sandboxing to stop zero-day and other file-based threats.

This new suite of firewalls is the first to ship with the SP5 ASIC, Fortinet’s fifth-generation ASIC technology announced earlier this year with the ability to accelerate and concurrently run 2x more applications—for example, NGFW, zero-trust network access (ZTNA), SD-WAN, and SSL inspection—compared to the previous generation. The power of FortiGate 90G with Fortinet’s SP5 ASIC and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services is showcased in the below Security Compute Rating table, which compares the top firewalls on the market against the target performance numbers of the FortiGate 90G series:

Specification FortiGate
Security Compute Rating Industry Average  Palo Alto Networks
Check Point Quantum 3600 Cisco
Meraki MX85
Juniper SRX340
Firewall Throughput 28 Gbps 9x 3.13 Gbps  3.5 Gbps 3.3 Gbps 1 Gbps 4.7 Gbps
NGFW Throughput 2.5 Gbps 2.6x 0.96 Gbps  N/A 1.5 Gbps N/A 0.42 Gbps
IPSec VPN 25 Gbps 16.3x 1.54 Gbps  2.2 Gbps 2.71 Gbps 0.5 Gbps 0.73 Gbps
Threat Protection 2.2 Gbps 2.3x 0.96 Gbps  1.4 Gbps 0.78 Gbps 0.7 Gbps N/A
Connections per Second 124K 4x 31K  51K 32K N/A 10K
Power Consumption FortiGate 90G Energy Efficiency Industry Average Palo Alto Networks
Check Point Quantum 3600 Cisco
Meraki MX85
Juniper SRX340
Watts/Gbps Firewall Throughput 0.87 W 28.8x 25.06 W 11.71 W 7.58 W 55 W 25.69 W
Watts/Gbps IPsec VPN Throughput 0.94 W 81.1x 76.26 W 18.64 W 9.26 W 110 W 167.12 W
BTU/h per Gbps of Firewall Throughput 2.97 BTU 17.4x 51.8 BTU 40.29 BTU 25.76 BTU N/A 89.3 6 BTU


  • FortiGate 90G Threat Protection performance is measured with Firewall, IPS, Application Control and Malware Protection, and Logging enabled.
  • The numbers for competitive solutions are based on publicly available sources. Other vendors may have different testing methodologies.
  • All power consumption values are taken from external datasheets and hardware system guides using maximum power consumption.

Availability: FortiGate 90G is available now.

Empowering Today’s Hybrid World by Converging Networking and Security

Growing and scaling digital businesses while protecting a distributed infrastructure and supporting a hybrid workforce has never been more critical or complex. That’s why Fortinet’s Secure Networking portfolio converges networking technologies with FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services across all edges to close security gaps and help organisations achieve a better user experience. Today’s news reinforces Fortinet’s commitment to continue to expand and integrate key secure networking technologies across the following areas:

  • Hybrid mesh firewall for data center and cloud
  • Secure SD-WAN for branch offices
  • SASE for remote users and branch offices
  • Universal ZTNA for remote users and campus locations
  • WLAN/LAN for branch offices and campus locations

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