Fulcrum Digital is Revolutionizing Data-Driven Decision-Making with Customized AI/ML Services

Fulcrum Digital is Revolutionizing Data-Driven Decision-Making with Customized AI/ML Services
Fulcrum Digital is Revolutionizing Data-Driven Decision-Making with Customized AI/ML Services

Fulcrum Digital excels at predictive modelling and natural language processing for a competitive edge

The AI firm automates decision-making using data analysis and models with minimal human intervention

Pune, India, August 1, 2023: Fulcrum Digital, a global boutique AI organisation, has launched AI and ML solutions engineered to assist businesses in making informed decisions based on data-driven approaches. Through these innovative capabilities, the company aims to bridge data gaps and enable businesses to harness advanced solutions for identifying patterns in vast data sets by conducting insightful data analysis.

As businesses seek ways to streamline operations and enhance efficiency through automation, enterprises and MSMEs alike are actively in search of tailor-made AI solutions. A particular area of interest is the integration of enterprises’ existing systems with cutting-edge ML algorithms that align with their specific requirements.

In order to address this demand, Fulcrum Digital brings to the market its innovative AI Model Assessment, which has been designed to craft a clear roadmap for businesses to achieve their desired objectives.

Fulcrum Digital leverages AI to assist clients in the food service industry by optimising food quantity ordering to minimise wastage in schools and colleges’ cafeterias. Leveraging predictive analytics, FulcrumOne.ai helps analyse historical footfall patterns and other relevant factors to accurately forecast patron visits to the cafeteria. This enables efficient inventory management, ensuring that the right amount of stock is purchased and meals are prepared accordingly, reducing food waste and enhancing operational efficiency.

Commenting on the latest offering, Sachin Panicker, Chief AI Scientist at Fulcrum Digital, said: “We are excited to introduce our latest AI/ML solutions, aimed at guiding businesses towards the ethical use of AI/ML services and equipping them with data-driven decision-making capabilities. At Fulcrum Digital, we firmly believe adopting cutting-edge technologies is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative in today’s dynamic business landscape. Drawing on the expertise of our diverse and talented workforce, these innovative technological solutions have emerged from our Pune Global Delivery Centre (GDC).”

“We foresee the demand for digital talent and technology capabilities scaling rapidly in the Indian market. In line with our broader goal to build a strong foundation for our GDC, we remain committed to continuously strengthening our digital workforce and technology capabilities,” he added.

With service capabilities in areas such as Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, and Cloud-based AI Solutions, along with their AI Model Assessment, Fulcrum Digital ensures organisations can positively navigate towards a future of improved performance and success. Through the adoption of these advanced AI and ML solutions, companies can tremendously benefit from heightened efficiency, significant cost savings, and more refined decision-making processes.

Fulcrum Digital is strategically expanding its operations in the Indian market and contributing to the nation’s journey towards becoming a nation equipped with advanced AI and ML capabilities. Recognising India’s potential on multiple fronts, the company has identified two key segments to track its progress in India, i.e., the Business and People segments.

With two decades of proven global experience, Fulcrum Digital is strengthening its Pune-based GDC to offer cutting-edge digital transformation services targeted towards thriving high-growth sectors. The company’s expertise lies in fostering the transformation journeys of its clientele through a cohesive amalgamation of integrated AI and ML solutions. These comprise digital services, domain expertise, platform capabilities, and business consulting. Guided by this approach, Fulcrum Digital is working towards bringing India to the forefront of AI/ML innovation and technological excellence.

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