Gateway launches on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System

Gateway launches on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System
Gateway launches on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System

This new Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S) gateway, NEAR, provides novel value to projects interested in building on Mantle.

In a move to further accelerate mainstream adoption and break down barriers to Web3 development, the NEAR Foundation, the non-profit that supports the growth of the NEAR ecosystem and the Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S), today announced the launch of an ecosystem dashboard for Ethereum layer 2 Mantle on the Blockchain Operating System. This new gateway will make it easier for Mantle Web3 users and app developers to find opportunities, transact with their favorite apps, and build their own projects leveraging the new Mantle B.O.S components.  

A layer 2 scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchainMantle has attracted many developer fans since launching its mainnet in July 2023. Focused on a decentralized data availability layer, Mantle offers developers a seamless, low-cost, and high-security network for building new Web3 dApps, especially in DeFi.

The result of a community effort between NEAR and Mantle, the interactive app dashboard offers a unified point of entry into the Mantle ecosystem. Hosted by popular Mantle dApp FusionX, this gateway streamlines discovery for Mantle applications, aggregating components of top dApps including the Mantle BridgeAgniAmmosiZiSwap, FusionX, GammaLendle, and soon, Pendle, in one place. The gateway offers greater accessibility for developers and users, easier discoverability for the apps they build, and powerful composability. B.O.S also speeds up the process of building multi-chain experiences, empowering builders from any ecosystem––including EVM projects such as Ethereum layer 2s––to focus on creating great products for users rather than on managing infrastructure. 

This new B.O.S gateway provides novel value to projects interested in building on Mantle. Attracting and onboarding users, once the biggest hurdle for any Web3 founder, is easy on the B.O.S: dApps can gain exposure and capture user traffic by being featured on the gateway, while individual app creators, community developers, and project teams can easily build new components for other Mantle dApps and repurpose existing ones for their own projects. Developers creating a B.O.S component and building and distributing new dApps on Mantle can build their user base quickly and get instant awareness in the ecosystem. 

Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem of Mantle, said: “We are delighted to ally with NEAR in bringing leading Mantle dApps to a wider community through the Mantle Ecosystem Gateway on B.O.S. Through this effort, we look to provide even more support to our dev community, and allow for more cross-pollination in our respective Web3 communities.”

NEAR’s B.O.S offers the same utility to founders and developers building anywhere on the EVM or NEAR stacks. A common layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences, the B.O.S makes Web3 app development fast and easy, offering a comprehensive quick-start toolset for developers from any ecosystem. Developers can quickly build composable apps for the open web from thousands of flexible components, as well as seamlessly onboard users and increase discoverability across Web3 since every application utilising B.O.S is visible on a common interface. This collaboration brings new capabilities to developers and lets them build apps that can quickly reach more users.

Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR Protocol, said: “Mantle has seen some great traction since their launch and we’re very excited to have a Mantle gateway built on B.O.S. Ethereum and DeFi users interested in discovering new projects can now find lots of Mantle apps in one place, with bridging already solved so they can get started right away. The Mantle gateway demonstrates the value of B.O.S gateways for other L2s and EVM projects looking to increase discoverability.” 

Mantle is the latest protocol reaping the benefits of building an ecosystem gateway on B.O.S. This announcement comes on the heels of another Web3 ecosystem gateway launch for Polygon zkEVM. The zkEVM B.O.S gateway increases accessibility and discoverability for developers, while also improving the user experience for end users exploring L2 ecosystems. The B.O.S offers the same considerable advantages to founders and builders across Web3, built on NEAR but benefiting the entire open web.

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