Generative AI to steer the Indian market in 2024, Dynatrace predicts

Generative AI to steer the Indian market in 2024, Dynatrace predicts
Generative AI to steer the Indian market in 2024, Dynatrace predicts

In response to the growing integration of AI in the workplace, Dynatrace predicts the rise of Chief AI Officers (CAIOs).

India, December 2023: Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), the leader in unified observability and security, released its comprehensive predictions revolving around the tech trajectory anticipated in 2024. It has identified seven pivotal trends, ranging from the integration of AI to the evolution of data management practices, highlighting the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that organizations are expected to encounter in the coming year.

Prediction for 2024 No. 1: The world will go composite in its approach to AI.

In 2024, Dynatrace anticipates a shift towards a composite AI approach. Generative AI enters the later stages of its hype cycle, and organizations will realize the technology, while transformational, cannot deliver meaningful value by itself. Recognizing the limitations of standalone generative AI, organizations will combine various forms of artificial intelligence and additional data sources. This strategy promises more advanced reasoning, providing precision, context, and meaning to generative AI outputs. For instance, DevOps teams will fuse generative AI with fact-based causal and predictive AI, enhancing digital innovation by predicting and preventing issues before they occur.

Prediction for 2024 No. 2: AI-generated code will create the need for digital immune systems.

In 2024, a surge in digital service outages is expected as organizations grapple with issues arising from poorly supervised software code. Developers, increasingly relying on generative AI-powered autonomous agents, pose heightened risks due to challenges in maintaining code created by these agents. This predicament mirrors difficulties faced with code left by departing developers, as remaining team members often lack comprehensive understanding. To address this, organizations will implement digital immune systems, integrating practices and technologies across software design, development, operations, and analytics. This proactive approach, through predictive AI, aims to ensure code resilience by default. Examples include self-healing capabilities in applications, allowing automatic rollback in case of errors in new releases, or automated provisioning of additional cloud resources to meet increased compute demand.

Prediction for 2024 No. 3: Organizations will appoint a chief AI officer to oversee the safe and responsible use of AI.

In response to the growing integration of AI in the workplace, Dynatrace predicts the rise of Chief AI Officers (CAIOs). Similar to security executives, these senior leaders will focus on developing policies and educating the workforce to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI, preventing accidental noncompliance, intellectual property leakage, or security threats.

Prediction for 2024 No. 4: com

Dynatrace foresees that in 2024, the importance of data observability will escalate as organizations seek intelligent automation and faster decision-making. To address the challenges of increasing data volume, organizations will demand solutions that provide data observability, ensuring the rapid and secure ingestion of high-quality and reliable data for analytics.

Prediction for 2024 No. 5: Organizations will extend observability to more business use cases

Observability will transition from an IT priority to a business requirement in 2024. The combined pressures of adopting environmentally sustainable practices and managing rising cloud costs will drive organizations to leverage AI-powered observability for intelligent automation. This will enable businesses to optimize resource utilization, reduce emissions, and cut costs in their cloud environments.

Prediction for 2024 No. 6: Platform engineering will become mission-critical

Recognizing the critical role of a seamlessly functioning and secure software delivery pipeline, Dynatrace predicts a shift towards the productization of tools used in DevOps, security, and site reliability engineering. As organizations codify the capabilities needed for secure software delivery, platform engineering will become central to business continuity.

Prediction for 2024 No. 7: Organizations will phase out legacy SIEM solutions and look out for more intelligent analysis.

In 2024, Dynatrace expects next-generation threat intelligence and analytics solutions to phase out legacy Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. Modern solutions, leveraging various AI techniques, will provide deeper and more accurate threat analysis, helping organizations protect their applications and data from increasingly sophisticated threats.

On the predictions, Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace, added, “As we approach 2024, many organizations will recognize the imperative of a composite AI approach and the challenges posed by generative AI in code creation. Enterprises that embrace the culture of innovation and experimentation will fare well in the age of advanced technologies. Several tech solutions will transition from ‘another priority’ to ‘critical business requirements’. Certain changes will spur innovation, while others will drive some crucial discussion around generative AI.”

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