Google introduces Gemini AI models to enterprise tools

Google introduces Gemini AI models to enterprise tools
Google introduces Gemini AI models to enterprise tools

Google revealed on Wednesday that some of its artificial intelligence solutions for businesses will be powered by the company’s “Gemini” AI models and available at a lower cost as it competes with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

Google announced on Wednesday that some of its artificial intelligence products for businesses will be driven by the company’s “Gemini” AI models and offered at a cheaper cost as it seeks to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

Alphabet (GOOGL.O) debuted “Duet AI in Workspace” in August last year, a set of AI assistants that could write in Google Docs, draft letters in Gmail, and make bespoke visuals in Google Slides, among other features, for a monthly fee of $30 per user for businesses.

“Duet AI in Workspace” has been rebranded as “Gemini for Google Workspace” and will now be available between $20 and $30 per user each month, depending on available capabilities, on top of a subscription to Google Workspace.

Individuals can purchase OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI model and DALL·E picture production tool for $20 per month, while companies can start at $25 per month.

Companies are trying to launch services based on generative AI, which is widely regarded as a game-changing technology that has attracted billions of dollars in investment and client interest due to its capacity to automate jobs and produce human-like replies.

Microsoft (MSFT.O), with its investment in ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, established an early edge by rapidly rolling out its genAI capabilities across a wide range of its products, including workplace productivity tools and cloud services.

Google announced on Wednesday that individual customers can now utilize Gemini in their own Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet applications with a Google One AI Premium membership, which includes greater storage and functionality in Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

Google Workspace customers will also receive a standalone chat experience called “Chat with Gemini,” and chats in this tool will not be used for advertising purposes.

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