High-tech jobs: HPE to accelerate digital transformation in Ireland

High-tech jobs: HPE to accelerate digital transformation in Ireland

HPE plans to increase its workforce in Ireland with 150 new high-tech roles

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), in order to help Irish customers accelerate their digital transformation, has announced its plans to offer 150 new high-tech jobs to experienced technologists in Ireland in the next two years. For cyber security operations, HPE has also named Galway as its European hub and is establishing a new Hybrid Cloud Practice. HPE will be able to grow its operations and employee base in Ireland by its long-term commitment to the country. Also, the company will increase its R&D, product development and global cyber security services, as well as continuing to make positive contributions to local communities.

“This year HPE will celebrate a fifty year legacy of operations in Ireland, so I am delighted to be building on our strong history of investing in Ireland with today’s announcement of new high-tech jobs and operations in the country,” said Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Ireland has an incredible technology-focused economy and a highly skilled workforce, and our investment in the country will further develop the country as a critical market for HPE’s global business, as well as benefitting our customers, partners, team members and the citizens of Ireland”.

Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar TD said, “I’m really pleased to see that Hewlett Packard Enterprise is expanding its operations in Ireland by creating 150 skilled high-tech jobs over the next two years. It’s also great news that the company has chosen Galway for its European hub for cyber security and operations”.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been long-established in Ireland and is a significant source of employment in both Galway and Kildare. This announcement demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to our country and shows that we have the right infrastructure and ecosystem to enable leading technology companies to grow and thrive. I wish the Hewlett Packard Enterprise team all the best with their expansion plans”.

HPE plans to increase its workforce in Ireland with 150 new high-tech roles over the next two years for supporting Ireland’s continued growth as a strategic market for HPE’s global business. In areas of critical importance to customers such as cyber security, software development, global R&D and cloud consulting, the company will hire experienced talent with expertise. Although the high-tech jobs will be based at HPE’s sites in Galway and Kildare, thanks to HPE’s Edge-to-Office initiative the majority of work can be carried out from flexible locations, thus opening up these high-tech roles to applicants from anywhere in the country.

Also, HPE will be locating global centres of excellence focused on cyber security and software development in Ireland. Ireland has been made the European hub for cyber security operations, as the firm has been building its cyber security footprint in Galway over the past five years. Galway is the home of HPE’s Cyber Defence Centre which protects HPE and its customers from global cyber threats utilizing the latest Machine Learning and AI technologies. The Galway site already has the largest footprint of cyber professionals within HPE globally and is set to expand with new high-tech roles for data scientists and incident response practitioners.

For the HPE GreenLake cloud services business, Ireland is an R&D hub with the latest developments to HPE’s hybrid cloud platform being architected by Irish engineers and software developers. HPEFS is at the heart of HPE’s leading circular economy program as it digital transformation across the world. Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, also hosts a global operations team in Cork. These global HPE businesses are recruiting now for high-tech roles.

HPE has a legacy of fifty years in Ireland, going back through multiple former entities, and the company continues to build on this legacy by supporting Irish government initiatives to apply technology to drive community benefits in critical areas like higher education, working in the community, national cyber resilience and academic research.

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