HorizonIQ Unleashes Power of AI and HPC with NVIDIA GPUs

HorizonIQ Unleashes Power of AI and HPC with NVIDIA GPUs
HorizonIQ Unleashes Power of AI and HPC with NVIDIA GPUs

HorizonIQ Unlocks Next-Level Performance with NVIDIA GPUs

Atlanta, GA, USA, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/: HorizonIQ, a leading Bare Metal infrastructure provider, announced high-performance NVIDIA GPUs within its offerings. This integration empowers businesses to accelerate demanding workloads in AI, HPC, and advanced graphics applications.

“The ever-growing demands of AI, data analytics, and graphics applications require exceptional processing power,” says John Scanlon, CEO of HorizonIQ. “By integrating NVIDIA GPUs, we offer a powerful solution for businesses to achieve superior results.”

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

HorizonIQ’s NVIDIA GPU offering delivers unmatched performance and scalability for businesses advancing AI, data analytics, and graphics workflows. Bare metal infrastructure with dedicated NVIDIA GPUs eliminates resource sharing constraints found in traditional cloud environments, resulting in significant performance gains.

Faster AI Model Training: NVIDIA GPUs excel at parallel processing, significantly reducing training times for complex deep learning models.

Revolutionized Data Analytics: Faster processing of massive datasets allows for quicker extraction of valuable insights and data-driven decisions.

Exceptional Graphics Rendering: Render complex graphics with stunning detail and fluidity, ideal for video editing, 3D modeling, and design.

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

HorizonIQ offers a variety of NVIDIA GPU options catering to various workloads and budgets. Their flat monthly pricing ensures predictable costs, with the ability to scale resources up or down as needed.

“We understand the upfront costs of acquiring powerful GPUs can be a barrier for businesses,” says Sameer Aghera, HorizonIQ’s Head of Product & Marketing. “That’s why we offer a monthly pricing model that lets customers use high-performance NVIDIA GPUs without large upfront costs, allowing them to focus on developing cutting-edge AI applications.”

Leveraging HorizonIQ GPUs for Ethical AI Solutions

Public safety company IREX faced limitations in developing advanced AI for weapon detection systems due to their existing infrastructure. They needed increased computational power while maintaining flexibility for international clients.

HorizonIQ’s solution addressed both needs. Integrating GPUs into IREX’s infrastructure provided extra processing power for advanced AI algorithms. This allowed IREX to run larger neural networks for more accurate weapon detection over greater distances. Importantly, the solution also maintains support for CPU-based video analytics, ensuring cost-effective solutions for international clients. This hybrid approach empowers IREX to deliver high-performance AI while optimizing costs and maintaining scalability in its security solutions.

“We are very satisfied by the partnership,” says Nik Ptitsyn, CTO of IREX. “HorizonIQ provided IREX with highly optimized bespoke bare metal configurations at a very competitive price point. We appreciate the agility with which HorizonIQ can ramp up the infrastructure.”

“The partnership with HorizonIQ has enabled our ethical AI platform to be scaled across the United States,” adds Calvin Yadav, CEO of IREX. “We are transparent by design, and therefore data hosting is absolutely integral to our process of being the world’s leading ethical AI solution.”

IREX’s commitment to ethical AI aligns perfectly with HorizonIQ’s focus on secure and reliable infrastructure. Together, they’re paving the way for responsible and powerful AI.

HorizonIQ: Your Trusted AI Partner

Whether you’re an existing HorizonIQ customer or a new business seeking to unlock the potential of AI and HPC, their NVIDIA GPU offerings empower you to achieve more. With dedicated resources, industry-leading performance, and a scalable, cost-effective solution, HorizonIQ is your trusted partner for high-performance computing in the age of AI.

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