How MSMEs can leverage HR tech for workplace modernization?

How MSMEs can leverage HR tech for workplace modernization?
How MSMEs can leverage HR tech for workplace modernization?

It is important to launch new learning initiatives by leveraging learning management systems and new-age technologies like gamification, AR, and VR

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The modern workforce expects a workplace that’s comfortable, contemporary, and convenient. This shift in expectation has not only permeated large enterprises but also micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME). These employees need easy access to all the facilities, programs, and tools required to raise their levels of productivity and creativity. They also want the flexibility to work from anywhere on the device of their choice. It doesn’t end there. Work-life balance and flexibility have become paramount, and traditional offices and manual processes may not be good enough anymore.

The answer? Employers of emerging businesses have to reimagine their workplaces to meet the expectations of the workforce. Technologies, like HR technology, can play a significant role in making this happen. Here are the key elements of a modern workplace:

Smarter offices for a smarter workforce

Gone are the days when employees could only work out of traditional offices with manual processes. Today, HR and admin teams have to collaborate to ensure that the work environment is smart, secure, and conducive to effective and collaborative work. There are several tools for access control, attendance management, security, resource allocation, collaboration, and more. These tools have become even more useful for employee management. Moreso in today’s hybrid work environment. They can also be integrated into the core HR solution. Most importantly, they have become accessible and affordable for more businesses.

Elevated employee experiences

Today’s employees hate to experience HR slip-ups at any stage of their journey, from onboarding to exit. A modern workplace is a smart workspace that aims to engage employees better and offer them a great experience, besides constant recognition. Smart tools, like employee self-service (ESS), enable employees to interact with HR, provide feedback, and gain instant access to any information. AI-based chatbots can easily handle simple inquiries and complaints from employees. Nowadays, employees want everything to happen swiftly and accurately. Technology makes this a reality.

“Employee experience is a company-wide initiative to help employees stay productive, healthy, engaged, and on track.” Josh Bersin

L&D. Powered by smarter technology

An organisation with limited learning and development opportunities is likely to have higher employee turnover. Alternatively, some employees get into a comfort zone and become underperformers. Therefore, it is important to launch new learning initiatives by leveraging learning management systems and new-age technologies like gamification, AR, and VR, to name a few. HR tools also have the provision to integrate related apps, like bulletin boards, to make announcements. All of these elements help create immersive learning experiences and measure their impact.

Well-executed well-being programs

HR departments face the challenge of ensuring that their employees remain healthy, stay engaged, and work productively. Remote work has aggravated this problem. So, the best way to address this is through the deployment of the right strategy and technology. There are many wellness apps and programs to improve the physical and mental well-being of employees. Since the majority of the employees have gotten used to the remote work model, HR can engage them through calls and virtual meetings. During the pandemic, HR teams even involved the employees’ families in their employee assistance programs (EAP).

In summary

A modern workplace is not solely built on posh office spaces and smart tools. It is the result of an amalgamation of great people, great initiatives, and effective technology. HR has a crucial role to play in the transformation of a workplace, especially in the MSME sector. Although these organisations may not always have the required manpower and resources to create a great office, affordable technology has levelled the playing field. Size doesn’t matter any longer. What matters is the employee experience that an employer can create in the workplace.

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