I got broad exposure to Information Technology Phases in different parts of the world, says Kumar Prasoon, COO/ CIO/ CEA of Cirrus1co

Kumar Prasoon, COO/ CIO/ CEA of Cirrus1co
Kumar Prasoon, COO/ CIO/ CEA of Cirrus1co

For our customers, we have a focus to execute ODC projects encompassing SalesForce, SAP, Fuzzy Analytics, Business Intelligence; BigData, IOT/IIOT, Block-Chain, cloud computing, enterprise 2.0, integrated systems architecture, and virtualization says Kumar Prasoon

This is an exclusive interview conducted by Santosh Vaswani, Content Writer & Editor at CIO News with Kumar Prasoon, Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA) of Cirrus1co.

When asked how he planned his career path to be a successful CIO, Kumar Prasoon, Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA) of Cirrus1co, in an exclusive interview with CIO News said, let me talk about my journey from the beginning. It was 2003 when I did proudly graduate my Bachelor of Technology from the National Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology – NIAMT (formerly known as National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology) and my final year project was on “Petrinet Modeling in the Next Generation Manufacturing and Metallurgical systems” which is an advanced form of Robotics in Manufacturing Engineering.

That project did qualify me for a Post-Graduate Program at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), wherewith the blessings of Dr. K R Srivatsan, Dr. R Bhaskaran, Dr. Venkatesh Chopella, and Dr. Elizabeth Sherly; I did learn about the humongous future of engineering industries and Smart Cities while integrating Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) which is now popularly known as Industry4.0. So, seeds of a rigorous super-intellectual Research Centric Innovation Itinerary were already planted at the academia level. With a brief professional stint in India till 2006 covering the USA, Europe and then 12 years (2008-2020) in the Middle East in Dubai (UAE), I got broad exposure to Information Technology Phases in different parts of the world in various IT roles like Software Engineer, Team Leader, Project Leader, and Principal Enterprise Architect, CIO and a Chief Operations Officer. A few notable accomplishments in this transformational journey were Enterprise Digital Leader 2017 and Digital Retail Leader 2018 by MIT Sloan Review (MIT SR) plus CIO of the Year 2018/2019/2020/2021 while making technology recommendations for the enterprises on the aspects of Fuzzy Analytics, Business Intelligence; BigData, IOT/IIOT, Block-Chain, cloud computing, enterprise 2.0, integrated systems architecture and virtualization.

Then in 2013, I founded the Fuzzy Analytics Framework (www.cnmeonline.com/bigdatasymposium/docs/Kumar-Prasoon.pdf), and Modern Industrial Complex Mathematical Calculus for Emerging Technologies, that did pave my path6 to be a global leading Industry Researcher, Scientist, and Technology Evangelist for Smart Systems, Smart Retailing, Smart Cities, Smart Parking, Smart Engineering, Smart Instrumentation, Smart Metering, and Industry Quantum Mechanics employing the Modern Emerging Technologies. A lot of these innovations were chaired with numerous national and international consortiums in the capacity of consulting, research, and bringing supreme Industry Innovations.

Another strong facet in this Digital Transformation Trajectory had been the contribution to the Academia Sector for the Global Universities from the Far East to West where I had mentored, coached, and executed successful projects with hundreds of incumbents in Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates in Engineering, IT, Business, and Management in the areas of Emerging Technologies, Emerging Markets, and Emerging Systems. This approach kept the learning curve hyperactive.

When asked about the challenges he faced in his career path and how did he overcome them, he said, the major challenges faced in this journey were as follows:-

Data Integrity Issues due to Disparate Systems

  • Non-Integrated non-modular solutions lacking adaptability and flexibility
  • Major Data Governance Strategy and Implementation issues at the Corporate level
  • Challenges in Systems with proper controls and visibility

The methodologies applied to overcome these core challenges were as follows:-

  • Focus on Efficiency/Increased productivity
  • Create situations for Competitive advantage
  • Accelerate Business innovations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ensure Governance Regulatory compliance
  • Digitalization of the global operations
  • Supply chain Digital Transformation
  • Business continuity planning and execution in Pre/Post Pandemic Situation
  • Creating a risk-based approach to Data Security/Privacy
  • Greater business visibility promotes greater return on investment

When asked about Cirrus1co and his key business priorities, he said, Cirrus1.co, Founded in 2011, and with headquarters in Bangalore, Mumbai, Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore, works with customers in the Asia-Pacific and ME region including Qatar, OMAN, MUSCAT as well as in the United States. As an ERP-SAP provider with over 10 years of experience in consulting and implementation services, Cirrus1 delivered numerous successful SAP and Salesforce projects from virtually every platform to any platform, for small SAP landscapes up to very complex SAP enterprise solutions. Our team, with over 50 years combined SAP and Salesforce experience, comprises highly skilled India-based resources that take pride in delivering quality outcomes to our customers, whilst maintaining effortless and clear communication at all times. Cirrus1’s team has worked together for many years – our clients thus benefit from the output of a cohesive team that delivers efficiently and cost-effectively. Our primary market comprises mid-size SAP and Salesforce clients with whom we establish long-term relationships – delivering all SAP & Salesforce support and project solutions as required.

Cirrus1.co Key business priorities for 2021:

  • Offshore Software Development Centers Creation and Management with Customer Centricity encompassing Salesforce, SAP, AI/ML, and Cloud Technologies
  • Aligning Best Industry Practices with solid Business Intelligence Framework
  • Business Optimization Schema for Products and Services for various departments
  • Leverage automated solutions for Data-driven intelligence make Smart Operational Decisions
  • Automate B2B/B2C Marketing and Branding Strategy with Backend and Front end CRM Systems; and many more

When asked about the digital technologies which he plans to implement in his company, he said, for our customers, we have a focus to execute ODC projects encompassing SalesForce, SAP, Fuzzy Analytics, Business Intelligence; BigData, IOT/IIOT, Block-Chain, cloud computing, enterprise 2.0, integrated systems architecture, and virtualization. Cirrus1 offers the full spectrum of functional and technical SAP expertise and we want to create more traction towards full-fledged implementation:

  • SAP ERP Functional including Financials, Controlling, Project System, Materials Management, Plant Maintenance, Production Planning, Sales & Distribution, Human Resources
  • SAP ERP Technical including Basis Monitoring and Problem Resolution, ABAP and Netweaver SAP Development, Workflow, Security, Fiori, HANA
  • SAP Business Intelligence, Business Planning, and Consolidation: BW and BPC.
  • SAP S/4 HANA Data Migration Services on Cloud

In addition to our core business of SAP Application Management Services, Cirrus1:

  • Delivers SAP Upgrades and Site Rollouts for our Support customers.
  • Sub-contracts to Tier 1 consulting companies for Greenfield SAP implementations.
  • Provides supplemental and backfill resources for customers implementing SAP and requiring experienced practitioners in Project Management, Change Management, Functional Leadership, Technical Leadership, System Configuration, System Development, System Testing, Data Conversion, User Training, and Post-live Support.

When asked about the challenges faced by a CIO today in a similar industry while implementing digital technologies, he said, the major roadblocks in implementing digital technologies are as follows:-

  • Lack of expertise and skills in various IT/Functional domains
  • Challenges associated with Enterprise Change Management, and Change Leadership Strategy
  • Overall Enterprise Mind-set Creation towards Customer Centricity
  • Gaps associated with Strategy Formulation
  • Budget Concerns, Constraints, and Overrun
  • Lack of Data Management Strategies
  • Inefficient Business Processes

When asked how CIOs can overcome the challenges faced, he said, the major corrective measures that can be taken while implementing digital technologies are as follows:-

  • Increased adoption of multiple channels for managing the supply chain in digital projects
  • Managing Customer expectations Omni-channel way
  • Meetings Demands for real-time targeted customer-centric areas
  • Advanced Forecasting & Optimization of current resources
  • Business Process Optimization using Machine Learning

When asked about best practices/industry trends/advice he would like to suggest to fellow CIOs for their successful professional journey, he said, my Post Graduate Business and Strategy Program @ Alliance Manchester Business School helped me integrate Business Frameworks like Hayes-WheelWright Model, 8S Strategy, 9 P Framework with IT Governance Model to render the following strategies:-

  • Exploring the benefits of Digital Transformation towards resilience and continuous fiscal growth
  • Learning the forefront and futuristic projects through optimized clustering policies for high-tech industries and other key sectors
  • Examining competitive Southeast Asia and global market towards the advance progress in aerospace, digitalization, energy, and automation

He said, I always promulgate Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 habits:-

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Put First Things First
  • Think Win-Win
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the Saw

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