IG Drones, FICCI partner to up-skill youth with latest drone technology

IG Drones, FICCI partner to up-skill youth with latest drone technology
IG Drones, FICCI partner to up-skill youth with latest drone technology

The aim of IG Drones COE aims skill the youth for the future of drone technology

IG Drones partnered with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) on 06 May 2022 as a part of its mission to up-skill 10M youth with latest drone technology. The partnership beamed a new varsity into the drone ecosystem in India. With the common goal of preparing the nation’s future generations, both parties, under this MoU, agreed to improve the training infrastructure of the institutes & align the industry professionals with the drone ecosystem.

As per reports by Deloitte’ The unmanned aerial systems industry is estimated at $19.3 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $45.8 billion by 2025. To perform critical activities such as medical sample delivery, infrastructure inspections, and imaging capabilities, companies across industries are optimistic about the use of drones.

According to the Drone Industry Insights Report 2020, by 2025, the worldwide drone industry is predicted to increase at a 13.8 per cent CAGR to $42.8 billion. With the Ministry of Civil Aviation updating the Drone Rules 2021, efforts are to make India a global drone hub by 2030. India is anticipated to be the world’s third-largest drone market by 2025, according to the results. Between 2020 and 2026, the unmanned aerial vehicle market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.9%, which further gives us an estimate of the investments from industrial conglomerates, chip companies and IT consulting firms, etc.

The drone industry, today, is one of India’s most thriving industries. Launching several plans and measures to help the industry flourish, budget 2022 also placed a strong emphasis on the drone sector. The role of drones in combat is highlighted once again by the war in Ukraine. Currently, Indian forces are dependent on foreign-made drones, and that too to gather intelligence. But soon, India will have a drone that can be used in armed missions.

The Indian drone industry is expected to see a turnover of INR 15000 cr. by 2026 and the country has the chance of emerging as a global drone – manufacturing hub by 2030. The increasing use of drones is expected to generate demand for 100,000 drone pilot (operators) over the next few years, said the Union Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya, Scindia.

“We share that the drone ecosystem is living at breakneck speed and is constantly changing based on how the systems react to change or disruption. Drones will also be promoted for crop assessment, digitization of land records, and spraying of insecticides and nutrients (Kisan Drones)” says Om Prakash, COO of IG Drones. The drone services industry is expected to grow to over INR 30,000 cr. the in next three years and generate over five lakh jobs.

Mr. Rashmi Mohapatra, Board Member & Head of Skilling Division, IG Drones, appears to be very enthusiastic about the relationship. IG Drones seems hopeful about the collaboration with FICCI, and further added “With the increasing demand for drones in India in various fields, drone technology has become the primary key to the nation’s development.”

They’re present all over the country starting from the head office at Delhi and branch offices at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar. With clients from Fortune 500 companies trusting the brand, IG Drones has the vision to make India the drone superpower by creating an ecosystem.

It is an arm of one of India’s leading drone enterprise solution providers IG Drones headquartered in Delhi with a vision to make India the drone superpower. The aim of IG Drones COE aims skill the youth for the future of drone technology to make them industry ready and empower India’s drone ecosystem with advanced drone technology skilled resources.

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