‘India sees 375 cyberattacks everyday’

‘India sees 375 cyberattacks everyday’

Referring to China as a big cyber security threat for India, National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt. Gen. (retd.) Rajesh Pant said on Monday that cyber attacks had multiplied in the current climate.

Mr. Pant, who took over the role of Chief of Indian Cyber Security, said every day that 4 lakh malware were identified and 375 cyber attacks were witnessed.

“In such unprecedented times, you listed two Cs—the test of the crown and the cyber challenge. Currently there are three Cs at the perch I sit on. The third ‘C’ is of course, on our northern frontier, which is another challenge that we face,” said Mr. Pant at an event organised by HDFC Bank.

“There are four lakh malware, which we discover every day. 375 cyber threats are taking place,” he said.

He said that, aside from falling victim to voice-based fraud, people should also be very vigilant about click-baits that are used to collect information from an internet user.

“This disease of only clicking on the connection is another explanation why the malware fell,” he said, asking everyone to review the recent cases of fraud at City Union Bank, where an individual entered the core banking system by clicking, as well as Bangladesh Bank and Cosmos Bank.

Vulnerabilities will continue to occur and the only solution to this is personal cyber hygiene and technical advancement, Pant said.

HDFC Bank launched the Mooh Bandh Rakho initiative to raise awareness through a range of platforms, including over 1,000 safe banking workshops and rap videos. Bank officials said the goal is to concentrate on youth.

“The problem is that those of them are not aware of it and that’s how issues continue to emerge. It’s a matter of being aware all the time, not a matter of not learning,” said Chief Risk Officer Jimmy Tata.