Rapid and Deep-Tech Enabled Innovation is the Key to Detecting and Responding to Emerging Threats

Rapid and Deep-Tech Enabled Innovation is the Key to Detecting and Responding to Emerging Threats
Rapid and Deep-Tech Enabled Innovation is the Key to Detecting and Responding to Emerging Threats

Singapore’s Homegrown Cybersecurity Leader Ensign InfoSecurity Unveils “Infinite Vigilance, Rapid Response” Showcase, Pioneering an AI-Powered, Threat-Informed Defence Approach to Achieve Cyber Resilience at GovWare 2023.

SINGAPORE, October 17, 2023 (ACN Newswire): Ensign InfoSecurity (Ensign), Asia Pacific’s largest pure-play cybersecurity service provider, is the cornerstone sponsor at GovWare 2023. Ensign presents its AI-powered Threat-Informed Defence Approach under the theme “Infinite Vigilance, Rapid Response.”

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, Ensign is championing a revolutionary threat-informed defence approach to address the pressing challenges organisations face. In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats have evolved to become more elusive and complex than ever before. Existing cybersecurity solutions are struggling to keep pace, leaving companies vulnerable to a wide range of potential threats. Effectively allocating resources amidst the vast diversity and volume of emerging threats has become a daunting task for businesses.

Ensign’s pioneering approach centres on “Threat-Informed Defence,” enabling organisations to streamline their resources towards addressing the most pressing threats. By understanding the dynamic threat landscape, Ensign assists clients in proactively preparing for and mitigating potential cyberattacks, ultimately strengthening their resilience.

“At Ensign InfoSecurity, being your trusted cybersecurity advisor in Asia, we prioritise understanding and preparing for threats with our Threat-Informed Defence strategy, ensuring every part of our service is guided by threat intelligence. This means we start by identifying threats that matter most to the organisation and then tailor their defences to meet those specific challenges,” said Ensign’s Group CEO, Tammie Tham. “By being proactive and strategic in this way, we help organisations strengthen their resilience against potential cyberattacks.”

Ensign’s unwavering belief that innovation is the key to staying ahead of cyber attackers has driven significant investments in research and development. Since last year, we have successfully developed and enhanced commercially viable solutions to augment any company’s cyber resilience (see the appendix for details). These innovative solutions culminate in a holistic and proprietary tech stack that strengthens the defences of every organisation and ensures comprehensive protection against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our offerings encompass:

· Threat Detection: Cutting-edge threat detection tools and algorithms empower clients to swiftly identify and neutralise threats, minimising potential damage. HELIOS is our AI-powered threat detection engine, combining rule-based and graph-based anomaly detection methodologies to sift through millions of cyber events and identify critical threats with unprecedented accuracy, supported by patented technologies. APOLLO is our post-incident continuous defence and threat-hunting platform to find and defend against potential or returning attackers.

· Incident Response & Recovery: Ensign’s rapid incident response and recovery capabilities ensure organisations can bounce back quickly and effectively after a cyberattack. While traditional approaches may take weeks, ARTEMIS has been proven to identify patient zero accurately within just hours. Our solution can process diverse forensic evidence at speed and scale, using a rule-based and AI-powered approach, and correlate it against Ensign’s Threat Intelligence to narrow down the threat actors.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. Join us at GovWare 2023 from October 17–19 at Booth J02, Sands Expo Convention Centre, Singapore. Witness firsthand how our patented innovations have translated into a comprehensive suite of robust cybersecurity solutions, safeguarding our clients against the multifaceted cyber threats of the digital age.

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