Integem Launches New AI Robotics Design with AR Coding Programs for K-12 Students

Integem Launches New AI Robotics Design with AR Coding Programs for K-12 Students
Integem Launches New AI Robotics Design with AR Coding Programs for K-12 Students

Empowering the Next Generation to Explore, Design, and Innovate with AI and Robotics

“Our AI Robotics and AR Coding Camps are designed to spark innovation and technical skills in young minds.” Dr. Eliza Du, CEO of Integem

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2023 / Integem has unveiled an exciting new educational initiative that promises to transform the way technology is taught to young learners: Advanced AI Robotics Design with AR Coding Camps. This innovative program is designed for various age groups, offering a dynamic mix of technology, creativity, and innovation.

Integem’s Approach to Redefining Tech Education

Central to Integem’s approach is the integration of holographic AR coding, AI, and robotics engineering into a comprehensive learning experience. These camps go beyond basic coding and robotics, representing a step into the future of education where students engage with their creations in a unique digital-physical hybrid space.

Tailored AI Robotics Journeys for Different Ages

  • Grades 6–12: Advanced AI Robot Design with AR and NVIDIA Jetson Nano In a three-week intensive course, high school students explore the advanced aspects of AI and robotics using NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computers. This accredited camp culminates in an NVIDIA AI certificate, marking their expertise in this futuristic domain.
  • Grades 6–12: AI Robotics Engineering with AR Coding Over two weeks, students blend innovation with imagination, building and controlling smart robots with advanced sensors and AI systems. Holographic AR technology allows students to merge the digital and physical worlds, offering an unparalleled educational experience.
  • Grades 3-5: Advanced AI Robot Design and AR Coding for Young Innovators In this three-week program, younger students journey through AI, robotics engineering, and holographic AR. They progress from basic robot assembly to integrating AI systems, fostering an understanding of modern technology in a fun, interactive setting.
  • Grades K–2: Advanced AI Robot Design and AR Coding for Juniors This program introduces the youngest tech enthusiasts to robotics mechanics, sensor technology, and AI, leading to the control of AI-powered robots and immersion in an AR robotic world.

Distinctive Features of Integem’s AI Robotics Design Camp

  • Innovative Curriculum: Tailored for different age groups, the curriculum ranges from understanding robotics mechanics to mastering AI-based control, covering a broad spectrum of technological concepts.
  • Holographic AR Experience: The camps utilize Holographic AR technology, allowing students to interact with their creations in augmented reality and understand the synergy between the digital and physical worlds.
  • Hands-On Learning with Advanced Technology: Participants gain practical experience with cutting-edge technology, including smart robots and NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computers, fostering deep understanding and skill development in robotics and AI.
  • Emphasis on Creative and Critical Thinking: Inspired by the Stanford University Design School Curriculum, the camps promote innovative thinking and problem-solving, enabling students to develop their own AI-based robotics projects.
  • Safe and Enjoyable Learning Environment: Balancing high-tech education with fun, the camps include a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to ensure a balanced and enjoyable learning experience.

A Step into the Future Integem’s AI Robotics Design with AR Coding Camps offer more than just summer programs; they represent a leap into the future. As technology rapidly evolves, these camps prepare the younger generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead in the upcoming technological era.

Enrollment and additional information Enrollment for these transformative summer camps is now open. Parents and students seeking more information or wishing to register can visit

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