Katonic AI to help Japanese businesses securely embrace the power of Generative AI

Katonic AI to help Japanese businesses securely embrace the power of Generative AI
Katonic AI to help Japanese businesses securely embrace the power of Generative AI

Katonic AI will help solve the problem of data security & accuracy of results by fine-tuning and installing Generative AI models on the organisations’ infrastructure.

Katonic.ai, an Australian AI company, marked its entry into the Japanese market with the launch of its no-code Generative AI Platform in Japanese. The Katonic Generative AI Platform enables large and small businesses to rapidly harness the transformative power of Generative AI without the traditional risks of data security or data hallucinations.

Japanese companies can now easily build powerful AI applications in minutes using the intuitive yet powerful no-code Katonic Generative AI Platform. Earlier, building such powerful applications used to take months. Some of the most popular applications businesses use are AI-powered Assistants and chatbots. These are trained on their data to extract, summarise, and classify information, code generators, advanced data analysers and moderation engines.

“We understand that Japanese businesses need a reliable and secure platform to leverage the power of Generative AI. An AI-native organisation like Katonic, with roots in the region, can best understand the needs of businesses here,” said Prem Naraindas, CEO & Founder of Katonic.ai. “Japan is our highest priority market, and we will put our best people and technology here. Over the last 3 years, we have served multiple organisations across APAC, and that experience will allow us to help Japanese organisations leverage Artificial Intelligence for their growth and success with speed and efficiency.”

Generative AI can be used by companies to rapidly create text, images, code, 3D models, videos, and much more in a fraction of time. This is possible thanks to the Foundational Models’ ability to understand simple prompts written in natural language by users and context. It is estimated that an average of 65% of all tasks done in organisations across different industries can be automated or augmented using Generative AI, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and reduced costs.

The Generative AI market is estimated to grow to over $15 trillion over the next 10 years. However, companies in the US are expected to drive and gain the most from this. Japan and Australia have trailed the US, Europe, and China in terms of the number of home-grown AI startups.

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