Liminal launches Android Version of Vaults for Seamless On-the-Go Asset Management

Liminal launches Android Version of Vaults for Seamless On-the-Go Asset Management
Liminal launches Android Version of Vaults for Seamless On-the-Go Asset Management

The digital asset custody provider has expanded its accessibility to mobile, catering to both Android and iOS platforms.

This expansion comes hand in hand with the introduction of new protocols and feature enhancements

Singapore/India/Dubai, 22nd August, 2023: Leading regulated digital asset custody provider Liminal, renowned for its innovative multi-party computation (MPC) wallet infrastructure, has unveiled the eagerly anticipated Vaults Android app. Building on the success of its iOS counterpart, this release represents a transformative leap in digital asset management for Web3 enterprises.

The Liminal Vaults Android app empowers users with seamless oversight of digital assets, enabling on-the-go transaction approvals and collaborative asset management. The app’s user-friendly interface integrates groundbreaking secure multiparty computation (MPC) technology, simplifying transaction approvals while upholding stringent security standards. With an extra layer of authentication for each transaction, key control remains uncompromised, making it the preferred choice for Web3 organizations. Notably, the ‘Share Shard’ feature enhances collaborative asset management by enabling secure shard distribution among designated parties. Additionally, the ‘Restore Shard via Recovery Zip’ feature ensures effortless recovery of shards in cases of data loss or device transitions, guaranteeing continuous access to valuable digital assets.

Commenting on the launch, Dhruvil Shah, SVP of Technology at Liminal, said, “We are excited to bring Liminal’s Vaults app to Android users.  As the Web3 landscape evolves rapidly, we remain committed to offering a secure and convenient platform tailored to modern businesses and individuals. This app enables secure on-the-go transaction approvals, instilling confidence in managing diverse digital assets seamlessly across devices.”

Rahil Shaikh, AVP of Product and Blockchain at Liminal, stated, “Innovation is the cornerstone of effective digital asset management. The introduction of the Vaults Android app and the Smart Consolidation feature, along with new protocol support, reflect our commitment to empowering users with advanced solutions that simplify the complexities of asset handling. These updates seamlessly blend security, efficiency, and convenience, addressing the evolving needs of the Web3 ecosystem.”

Committed to empowering Web3 participants, Liminal introduces the Smart Consolidation feature and new protocol support. These enhancements bolster Liminal’s mission to bridge the gap between user convenience and robust security, culminating in a comprehensive digital asset management experience.

Smart Consolidation: Enhancing Efficiency

Liminal’s “Smart Consolidation” feature revolutionises digital asset management by automating the consolidation of smaller balances into a single address. This innovation optimises transaction flow, reducing gas fees and manual efforts, and enhances security by moving wallet balances above a threshold to cold wallets, thereby augmenting protection against potential threats.

New Protocol Support: Expanding Possibilities

The update introduces support for new protocols, including zkEVM, BSC, and AVAX, empowering Web3 enterprises to manage EVM-based assets on the zkEVM chain while benefiting from Liminal’s Gas Fee Saver feature. With BSC and AVAX testnet support added to the existing BSC and AVAX mainnet support, Liminal users can now build and test Web3 applications across multiple networks.

These advancements underscore Liminal’s commitment to remain at the forefront of digital asset management, offering users tools that redefine the secure management of assets.

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