Majority of gas stations in Iran rendered inoperable due to suspected cyberattack

Majority of gas stations in Iran rendered inoperable due to suspected cyberattack
Majority of gas stations in Iran rendered inoperable due to suspected cyberattack

Approximately 70% of the country’s gas pumps are out of operation probable cyberattack by a hacking organization

About 70% of Iran’s gas stations were out of operation on Monday due to probable sabotage—a reference to cyberattacks, according to Iranian official television.

According to a report, the anomaly in the gas stations was caused by a “software problem.” It encouraged people not to rush to the still-operational stations.

The problem was blamed on a cyberattack by a hacking organization known as “Gonjeshke Darande,” or predatory sparrow.

According to a statement from the Oil Ministry, more than 30% of petrol stations remain open. There are around 33,000 gas stations throughout the country.

Iran has experienced a number of cyberattacks on its filling stations, railway system, and industry in recent years. Surveillance cameras in government facilities, including prisons, have also been hacked.

The Gonjeshke Darande group hacked a large steel firm in the country’s southwest in 2022. In 2021, a cyberattack on Iran’s fuel delivery system halted gas stations across the country, resulting in long lineups of irate motorists. The hacking gang claimed responsibility for the gasoline pump attack.

After the Stuxnet computer virus, widely thought to be a joint US-Israeli development, destroyed thousands of Iranian centrifuges in the country’s nuclear sites in the late 2000s, the country blocked much of its government infrastructure from the internet.

Iran, which has long been sanctioned by the West, has difficulty obtaining up-to-date gear and software, frequently relying on Chinese-made devices or outdated systems that are no longer patched by manufacturers. This would make a potential hacker’s job easier. In Iran, pirated versions of Windows and other software are prevalent.

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