Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Microsoft Teams to take on Zoom with 24-hour free video, a voice call with up to 300 users

Microsoft has now added a few more features to its Teams Android and iOS software.

Just a few days after Zoom revealed that they would raise the 40-minute time limit on video calls on the occasion of Thanksgiving (an American festival), Microsoft Teams are more than just a few moves forward. The organisation has confirmed that consumers would be able to access 24-hour free video and voice calls for up to 300 members.

The organisation announced in a blog post that To help you stay connected in the coming months, you will be able to meet up to 300 participants for 24 hours until further notice.”

In order to expand the use of applications for more personal use, Microsoft has added a few more features to its Team Apps for both Android and iOS.

Microsoft can allow users to chat with others in teams, even though they do not use the application and use monitoring services to be alerted when they depart or arrive at a venue. These functionality would initially only be available as a preview. The new additions have begun to roll out in the Teams Mobile App preview and will be officially rolled out in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week, Zoom revealed the lifting of the 40-minute call limit on Thanksgiving Day (26 November) for users. The organisation said that they were taking this initiative in order to help American families digitally come together to deal with the norms of social distancing.

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