A true tech leader always converts challenges into opportunities, says Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, CISO at Gujarat Fluorochemicals

A true tech leader always converts challenges into opportunities, says Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, CISO at Gujarat Fluorochemicals
A true tech leader always converts challenges into opportunities, says Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, CISO at Gujarat Fluorochemicals

Each tech leader’s journey is unique and influenced by personal ambitions, organizational needs, and industry developments.

This is an exclusive article series conducted by the Editor Team of CIO News with Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, CISO at Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited.

Embarking on a professional journey as a tech leader involves navigating through various stages of growth, development, and responsibility. Here’s an outline of the key phases and essential elements that characterize this journey:


Tech leadership is a journey. It starts with education (CS, engineering) and hands-on experience (coding, debugging). As you gain expertise (in cybersecurity and data science), you move to leading teams and mentoring others.

Management positions involve planning, resource allocation, and team development. Eventually, you may reach executive roles like CTO, CIO, or CISO, shaping the company’s technology strategy and driving innovation.

The key? is continuous learning, adaptation, and giving back to the tech community. This ensures Tech Leader’s legacy and impact.


The Voyage of a Tech Leader: Lessons Learned from the Trenches

The path of a tech leader is anything but a straight shot. It’s a voyage filled with exhilarating discoveries, steep learning curves, and the occasional brush with disaster. Here, I want to share some hard-won lessons from my own journey, hoping to equip aspiring and current tech leaders for the exciting, ever-evolving landscape we navigate.

Lesson 1: Leading the Charge, Not the Band

What is the most common misconception about tech leadership? It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about fostering an environment where brilliance thrives. My greatest successes came when I focused on building high-performing teams where every member felt empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

Lesson 2: Adaptability is Your Superpower

Technology moves at breakneck speed. The leader who clings to yesterday’s solutions is destined for obsolescence. Embracing lifelong learning and encouraging your team to do the same is crucial. Whether it’s mastering new programming languages or staying abreast of emerging trends, continuous learning ensures you stay relevant and competitive.

Lesson 3: Innovation Needs a Safety Net

While fostering a culture of innovation is vital, it can’t exist in a vacuum. Striking a balance between calculated risk-taking and responsible development is key. As a leader, I’ve learned to implement frameworks that encourage creative exploration while mitigating potential pitfalls. This allows us to push boundaries without jeopardizing the company’s stability.

Lesson 4: Embrace the Unexpected

The tech world is notorious for its curveballs. Unexpected challenges, market shifts, and even black swan events are inevitable. As a leader, your ability to navigate these disruptions with agility and resilience is paramount. Having a clear vision, a strong team, and a flexible approach can turn a setback into a springboard for future success.

Lesson 5: Lead by Example

Tech leaders are constantly under scrutiny. Your actions and behaviours set the tone for your entire team. Leading by example is essential, whether it’s demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices, fostering a culture of open communication, or simply rolling up your sleeves and tackling tough problems alongside your team.

This leadership journey is far from over, and I’m sure new lessons and challenges will emerge. But by embracing these core principles, we can guide our teams through the ever-changing tech landscape, turning obstacles into opportunities and propelling our companies to new heights.


Key Competencies for a Tech Leader:

  • Technical Proficiency: A deep understanding of technology and its applications.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to envision future trends and align technology strategies accordingly.
  • Leadership and Management: Strong leadership skills to inspire and guide teams.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills to articulate vision and strategies to diverse audiences.
  • Problem-Solving: Analytical skills to tackle complex problems and find effective solutions.

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Challenges and Opportunities for a Tech Leader:

  • Rapid Technological Changes: Staying ahead of the curve with continuous learning and innovation.
  • Talent Management: Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent in a competitive market.
  • Cybersecurity: Ensuring robust security measures in an increasingly digital world.
  • Balancing Innovation with Practicality: Implementing cutting-edge solutions while maintaining operational efficiency.

A true tech leader always converts challenges into opportunities.

Each tech leader’s journey is unique and influenced by personal ambitions, organizational needs, and industry developments. Success lies in combining technical expertise with visionary leadership, fostering innovation, and driving meaningful impact in the tech landscape.

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