Quote for Tech Trends & Prediction 2024 Story from IceWarp

Quote for Tech Trends & Prediction 2024 Story from IceWarp
Quote for Tech Trends & Prediction 2024 Story from IceWarp

Pramod Sharda is the CEO of IceWarp India & Middle East, a seasoned business professional with a sharp acumen for business.

As CEO of IceWarp India, his role is to provide leadership to grow IceWarp’s presence and create a market share in India.

Pramod’s vast experience in setting up, managing, and running IT businesses includes: business unit leadership, business planning and P&L ownership, product development, product pricing, GTM strategy, sales and business development, project management of large PAN India projects, data center and core IT infrastructure operations management, customer experience management, and revenue assurance.

Sharda is a well-known technology usability expert; he has the ability to deliver adoption of far-reaching business and technology solutions to meet business requirements. A passionate professional with proven adaptability and innovation using industry best practices in IT consolidation, program management, intelligence, and enterprise architecture design or solution delivery for leading global or local technology programs.

Pramod Sharda CEO IceWarp India and Middle East

“In the aftermath of the pandemic, India has experienced a notable shift, with companies increasingly choosing remote work and relying on collaborative tools for communication. This has led to significant trends in business communications, emphasizing the utilization of generative AI, monitoring, and dashboards to analyze collaboration data for more efficient workflows. With a 50% cyberattack rate in the last three years and costs expected to surpass $10 trillion by 2024, businesses prioritize cyber resilience. Beyond traditional cybersecurity, the focus extends to recovery and continuity measures, incorporating remote work protocols. AI-driven automated defense, integrated security-continuity frameworks, and awareness of societal factors are integral to a robust strategy. As cyber threats advance, the trend of leveraging breakthrough technologies like AI in the market intensifies, solidifying cyber resilience as a prominent theme in 2024. Looking ahead to 2024, there is an expected increase in the adoption of generative AI to enhance both daily interactions and overall business productivity.” Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India and Middle East

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