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Tesla is refreshing Model 3 with improved range, heated steering wheel, and much more

Tesla’s first mass-market vehicle (or as close to the mass-market as it is to the carmaker), Model 3 has just undergone a major redesign for 2021. The new and upgraded Model 3 contains redesigned interior features, improved wheels and a range of other major enhancements.

This information is supported by Electrek, whose authors saw the updated Model 3 for themselves and talked to people familiar with Tesla’s inner workings.

As per the outlet, and from what we’ve found from Tesla’s Model 3 setup tool, the Model 3 update brings a stunning new center console with such a matt finish and a slide-open compartment. There are also allegedly “new upholstery,” an electronic trunk, double-glazed windows, a heated steering wheel (metallic finish) and numerous other practical and aesthetic improvements.

More important than all that, however, is the number of enhancements that current Model 3 customers can experience from here on out. The basic “Ordinary Range Plus” Model 3 has an improved range of 263 miles per maximum charge, which is roughly 13 miles more than the old version.

Similar improvements have been seen in the Performance Model 3, which now extends to 315 miles per full charge, up from 299 miles.

Electrek’s sources claim that the range rises are attributed to the performance enhancements produced by the “modern heat pump system” that has been implemented in the revamped Model 3s. Fortunately, despite all these touch-ups, the price of the vehicle remained unchanged.

The Simple Standard Range Plus car will only come in at around $38,000 before discounts and savings, while the Quality model will launch at around $55,000. Long Range Model 3s is also stagnating at $47,000.

Khushbu Soni
Chief Editor - CIO News | Founder & CEO - Mercadeo


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