A fresh “threat” to Google Search to arise from Walmart, one of the largest US firms

A fresh
A fresh "threat" to Google Search to arise from Walmart, one of the largest US firms

Walmart wants to save consumers time by providing a tool for a one-stop buying experience.

Walmart is developing a tool that will employ generative AI to provide a single solution for everything required to carry out the plan, as opposed to an online location where customers can search for specific items, according to a report.

Thanks to Google Search’s generative AI capabilities, users can purchase items for a certain event, such as the English Premier League’s Super Sunday match. Users might need to visit several websites for this, but Walmart wants to save them time by providing a one-stop buying experience.

Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, discussed this app feature on a conference call with analysts following the company’s February earnings.

“The improvement in search that we’re most happy about is the one that has already occurred; generative Al really allowed us to give customers and members a solution-focused search experience. It also happened really swiftly, according to a comment from Walmart CEO McMillon.

Walmart, the owner of Flipkart, can experiment with adding generative Al search skills since there’s a very low cost for failure, according to Sucharita Kodali, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.

It positions them as pioneers in the field. In their position, it is preferable to be a leader than a follower. He stated, “They’re acting from a position of strength.”

“Apart from shopping, you use it for everything else, and 90% of your searches fall into this category. Therefore, it won’t happen unless Amazon and Walmart decide to enter the market for the remaining 90% of searches, Kodali continued.

Google is also attempting to improve the search experience and has invested in Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail.

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