US urges Congress to keep US AI ahead of China by spending $32 billion

US urges Congress to keep US AI ahead of China by spending $32 billion
US urges Congress to keep US AI ahead of China by spending $32 billion

Led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a group of senators from both parties urged Congress on Wednesday to approve $32 billion in funding for AI research in order to keep the United States at the forefront of the technology.

On Wednesday, a coalition of senators from both parties, led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, urged Congress to authorize $32 billion in funding for research into artificial intelligence in order to maintain American leadership in the field.

The senators, who include Democrat Martin Heinrich and Republicans Todd Young and Mike Rounds, unveiled the objective as part of a legislative roadmap to address the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence.

China will unavoidably surpass us if they invest $50 billion while we make no investments. Thus, Schumer stated on Wednesday, “That’s why even these investments are so crucial.”

The blueprint may assist the US in addressing growing concerns about China’s artificial intelligence advancements. Washington is concerned Beijing would use it to launch forceful cyberattacks, develop bioweapons, or interfere in elections in other nations.

During their first official bilateral meeting on the subject this week, U.S. officials expressed concerns about China’s “misuse” of artificial intelligence. This month, Reuters revealed that the administration of President Joe Biden is preparing to launch a new front in the fight against China and Russia for U.S. artificial intelligence.

“This is a time in which the dollars related to this particular investment will pay dividends to the taxpayers of this country long-term,” Rounds stated. China currently invests in AI development at a rate that is likely ten times higher than ours. They’re rushing.”

According to the MPs, the cash would go toward non-defense uses of AI. Congress should invest a significant amount of money in AI related to defense; senators are currently debating this, according to Schumer.

Senators demanded that Congress provide funding for cross-agency AI research and development, including the creation of a federal testing and evaluation infrastructure and an initiative to provide “AI-ready data” across the board.

Additionally, they want increased funding for the Commerce Department’s export control division, which has prohibited the shipment of certain cutting-edge AI chips and tools to China.

Legislators and the Biden administration have tried to pass AI legislation, but they have not had much success. The government is moving to adopt regulations on its own.

By year’s end, Schumer expressed his hope that Congress would adopt some legislation.

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