Vertalo Unveils Digital TA and Tokenization Platform Implementable on Institution’s 1st Party Cloud Architecture

Vertalo Unveils Digital TA and Tokenization Platform Implementable on Institution’s 1st Party Cloud Architecture
Vertalo Unveils Digital TA and Tokenization Platform Implementable on Institution’s 1st Party Cloud Architecture

The first platform on the market to combine transfer agency and tokenization is available as a hosted service or on an enterprise cloud.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, October 12, 2023 / Vertalo, the SEC-registered transfer agent that ‘connects and enables the digital asset ecosystem’, announced today the immediate availability of its Digital Transfer Agent and Tokenization Platform, launching these enhanced offerings at the Securities Transfers Association (STA) Annual Conference on October 24th, 2023, in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Unlike any other transfer agency or tokenization solution currently available, Vertalo can deploy its platform on a first-party architecture inside an enterprise’s AWS cloud, enabling secure and scalable innovation and digital transformation for risk-averse financial institutions.

At the core of Vertalo’s innovative Digital Transfer Agent platform is a shared ledger purpose-built for deployment on first-party AWS cloud infrastructure and accessible via API. This pairs with the Tokenization Platform to represent real-world assets (RWA) on blockchain in alignment with established securities regulations, ensuring trust, accuracy, and compliance. The combination of shared ledger and optional blockchain representation adapts readily to many use cases, including transfer agencies, asset management, securities issuance, and supply-chain logistics. Through Vertalo’s comprehensive APIs, clients who implement Vertalo’s platform can connect to existing legacy applications, transact with internal and external parties, and execute digital transformation strategies without hard cut-overs or having to make the hard decision to ‘buy or build’.

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“This latest product release from Vertalo represents years of work with clients and partners, including global financial institutions, other transfer agents, securities issuers, broker-dealers, custodians, regulators, attorneys, and especially the investors who rely on this ecosystem to safeguard and steward the data related to their holdings. We spent considerable time and treasure testing Vertalo’s platform against real-world challenges.” Dave Hendricks, CEO, Vertalo

With more than five years of live testing, research, and nearly 100 client engagements under its belt—98% using Vertalo’s TA capabilities—Vertalo’s Digital Transfer Agent and Tokenization Platform has been purpose-built to augment legacy infrastructure to reach the future faster.

With its state-of-the-art digital transfer agent, Vertalo offers:
Secure APIs: allowing internal and external integrations to access a shared ledger as the ‘Golden Source’ of truth, enhancing operational efficiency, interoperability, and scaling.
tokenization: creating immutable records of asset ownership on a public or private blockchain to provide a permanent audit trail and supporting customizable smart contracts to extend functionality.
-Deployment on First Party Architecture: complying with institutions’ data security and compliance needs when employing software to hold sensitive data
Automation: instantly validate and share data with a similarly equipped counterparty, drastically reducing the need for manual interventions, cutting down errors, and accelerating transactions.

Financial institutions across the world are looking for practical solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiencies, modernise existing systems, and enable new business opportunities. Through the implementation of Vertalo’s Digital Transfer Agent and Tokenization Platform, financial institutions are equipped with compliant RWA tokenization capabilities and automated transfer agency operations while maintaining data privacy and control within their cloud architecture. Vertalo’s technology and flexible implementation models enable institutions to retain the best elements of their legacy systems while providing additional capabilities that facilitate new business strategies and offerings.

Accompanying the products’ launch is Vertalo’s comprehensive white paper about its Digital Transfer Agent product. Authored by industry experts, the paper delves deep into the challenges of the current transfer agent and private asset management landscape and how Vertalo’s solutions aptly address them. It serves as a guide for financial institutions seeking to harness the full potential of digitization and tokenization.

Vertalo has years of experience and expertise with one of the only client-tested digital transfer agent solutions:
Number of years as a TA: 4
Number of Clients Serviced: 98% of all Vertalo clients use its TA functionality.
Number of Investors on Platform: >70,000
Number of ALL Issuances (not just tokenized ones): 300
Number of assets tokenized: 70

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