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Virtual reality and augmented reality to be introduced by CBSE

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be introduced as a skill subject for grades VI through VIII and will be incorporated into STEM education until class XII

In collaboration with tech giant Meta, the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) aims to train 10 lakh teachers and more than one crore of students in virtual reality and augmented reality (VR) and (AR) over the next three years. Meta has already delivered a program on digital security, online wellness, virtual reality and augmented reality, as a part of this partnership.

Biswajit Saha, Director of CBSE, while speaking to Education Times, said, “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be introduced as a skill subject for grades VI through VIII and will be incorporated into STEM education until class XII. The vision is to democratize and universalize STEM education. Students will learn the theoretical part and will also have projects and internships. We also plan to have lab experiences to make learning more immersive and experiential”.

“In addition to this, students will also be encouraged to take advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality in entrepreneurship. Some of the topics that will be covered are; Digital labels, wellness, digital citizenship, digital fingerprints, cyber-security and safety. Students would also get the knowledge to manage passwords”.

Joseph Emmanuel, Director, CBSE (Academics), said, “All technical aspects related to virtual reality and augmented reality at an age-appropriate level will be taught to students in a well-defined way in this emerging area of ​​knowledge. In addition, students will be made to understand both the theoretical and practical aspect of the new technology and the marks obtained by the students will be added to their internal assessment”.

Manav Subodh, co-founder of the 1M1B Foundation, which is the executing agency and hopes to increase the technical workforce by introducing students to emerging technologies. “The simplest form of introducing AR is to involve students in their learning. AR, VR, AI and ML are the subjects that must be included in the curriculum. The 2020 National Education Policy (NEP) emphasizes immersive, visual and experiential learning and this development will transcend infrastructural challenges. If students from an early age feel comfortable with these technological learning, it will also help further improve the infrastructure human resources for India”.

“AR offers a great opportunity for immersive learning in which students can visualize and learn. Even a class VI student can visualize how a motor is assembled or how the heart and brain work. It’s just the opposite of rote learning. This program will create a great opportunity for the student community”.

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