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W&B, Run:ai partner to enhance machine learning developer workflow

Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, the Weights & Biases and Run:ai partnership will particularly benefit machine learning researchers and enterprises

To provide machine learning developers and MLOps platform owners a seamless experience for MLOps and GPU orchestration for machine learning and deep learning workloads, Weights & Biases (W&B), the leading developer-first MLOps platform, and Run:ai, the leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads, have announced a joint partnership to focus on developing integrations between the two platforms.

“We are excited to partner with to provide data scientists and ML practitioners the best tools for their ML development workflow,” said Seann Gardiner, VP of Business Development of Weights & Biases. “The combination of the developer tools provided by Weights and Biases, the dynamic allocation and orchestration of compute resources from, and the optimized hardware and software provided by NVIDIA gives ML teams everything they need to accelerate the development and deployment of AI in the enterprise.”

The partnership will streamline AI projects for AI researchers as well as the MLOps and IT teams managing AI infrastructure. Machine learning practitioners will be able to leverage the MLOps capabilities provided by Weights & Biases – such as experiment and artifact tracking, hyperparameter optimization, and collaboration reports – and gain access to NVIDIA accelerated computing resources orchestrated by Run:ai’s Atlas Platform, all in one experience. Machine learning developers will be able to monitor NVIDIA GPU utilization within the W&B dashboard, and then improve utilization with Run:ai’s scheduling and orchestration capabilities. The MLOps platform owner will be able to optimize GPU resource scheduling and consumption for the machine learning practitioners, and provide a single machine learning system of record to keep an accurate history of all machine learning experiments, model history, and dataset versioning.

“Run:ai and Weights & Biases together give data scientists, and the IT teams that support them, a complete solution for the full ML lifecycle, from building models, to training and inference in production,” said Omri Geller, CEO and co-founder of Run:ai. “Companies building their AI infrastructure and tooling from scratch can use NVIDIA GPUs, Run:ai, and W&B and have everything they need to manage AI initiatives at scale.”

Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, the Weights & Biases and Run:ai partnership will particularly benefit machine learning researchers and enterprises. Both Run:ai and W&B have been validated as NVIDIA AI Accelerated and NVIDIA DGX-Ready software partners. To help enterprises maximize their investment in NVIDIA-accelerated systems for machine learning and artificial intelligence, the partnership will build on integrations between W&B and with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

“Putting AI into production requires enterprises to manage a broad range of processes, including data governance, experiment tracking, workload management and compute orchestration,” said Scott McClellan, Senior Director of Data Science and MLOps at NVIDIA. “Pairing Weights & Biases and Run:ai MLOps software with NVIDIA accelerated systems and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software enables enterprises to effectively deploy intelligent applications that solve real-world business challenges.”

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