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WFH to spur tech hiring this year

It is also expected to be a good year for people with these capabilities in terms of wages. The new salary ranges from Rs 20 lakh per year for a talented person with 5-7 years of experience.

Hiring jobs in information technology will build traction this calendar year.

Hiring jobs in the areas of cyber defence, cryptocurrency, augmented reality, web interface and user experience is projected to grow by 20-25%, according to HR consultants.

Home work has driven the digital transformation of many businesses.

However, with a growth in the remote working environment, data and information protection has become more prominent than ever before.

As demand grows, there will be a need for data security professionals across industries.

Aditya Narayan Mishra, CEO of CIEL HR Services told FE that, apart from banks, financial institutions and e-commerce sites that participate in financial transactions, there is a rising need for cyber protection as people remotely share files and operate on different platforms. In addition, workers in blockchain technologies will also be high in demand as it is a secure system for managing ledgers and financial transactions.

The growth in the use of augmented reality and mixed reality through e-commerce sites and virtual gaming would mean that more professionals will be needed in this field. With access to better devices with stronger processors growing, e-gaming is quickly capturing the interest of consumers, leading to more demand for people to develop them. In addition, UI/UX skills will be more relevant in 2021.

Mishra said that his organisation is busy collecting data from people with all these abilities. “We’re building a database of these candidates and keeping them ready,” he said.

It is also expected to be a good year for people with these capabilities in terms of wages. The new salary ranges from Rs 20 lakh per year for a talented person with 5-7 years of experience. “If someone decides to change jobs, companies will be willing to increase the current CTC in these areas by 45-50 per cent,” Mishra said.

There are skills that have already ruled the hiring process in 2020 and are predicted to do well in 2021 as well. According to Quess IT Hiring, the top five digital skills on demand were React JS Developer, Java Full Stack Developer, Azure, Android Developer, and Angular JS Developer. Between March and October 2020, the job of the React JS Developer saw an increase of 184 per cent in the total number of available positions compared to the same duration in 2019. Similarly, the functions of Java Full Stack Developer rose by 62% and Azure by 28%. Although the skills of Android Developer and Angular JS Developer have seen a small dip, they remain among the top niche skills currently on demand.

Vijay Sivaram, CEO, Quess IT Staffing said, “The current demand for tech skills like Android Developer, Azure Developer, Java Full Stack Developer and the like is around 20 percent ahead of pre-Covid figures. Furthermore, with the overall market for technological roles improving to near almost at the pre-Covid level, we are optimistic that further changes will be made in the coming year,” he added.

Saran Balasundaram, founder and CEO of Han Digital India, claims that IT and Business Process Management (ITBPM) will see further hiring as new contracts are being signed and more IT deals are underway between the top 20 ITBPM service providers. “Reactive and proactive hiring is on the increase to satisfy the compelling demand. 3-10 years of experience will add more than 80% of the total hiring volume,” he added.

Recently, EY reported that, in the calendar year 2021, nearly 9,000 new employees will be hired in India in a range of technology positions across all member companies, including global delivery centres, to broaden their digital capabilities. They will be hired in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data security, analytics and other emerging technologies.

Khushbu Soni
Chief Editor - CIO News | Founder & CEO - Mercadeo


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