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Women constitute 35 percent of India’s technology industry, says Archana Goel, Founder & IT Leader of Akshpro IT Services

I kept on enhancing my knowledge of almost every new technology coming in IT. Internet always fascinated me so I started to deep-dive into Web Technologies, Security automatically followed

This is an exclusive interview conducted by Santosh Vaswani, Content Writer & Editor at CIO News with Archana Goel, Founder & IT Leader of Akshpro IT Services, on Women in Technology

When asked if she can share a little bit about what it is that she does and what her typical day is like, Archana Goel, Founder & IT Leader of Akshpro IT Services, in an exclusive interview with CIO News, said, typically my day starts early morning at around 5AM. I religiously follow my Yoga and meditation routine. Managing the family and work responsibilities are not a cake walk but I am proud to say that I succeeded in it in the last 24 years. All thanks to my so-cooperative and so-understanding husband and sweet daughter. My work day starts sharp at 10 AM whether it is at Office or Working from Home. Meetings, brainstorming, presentations, issue resolutions, product evaluations, new technologies, so much to do in such a short time.

Howsoever busy I am, I ensure that I spent time with both of them and also cook the food for them myself. I believe QUALITY of TIME is more important than the QUANTITY. Now I have a hype-active pet too and he too demands my time. In between all this, I do find time to indulge in my hobbies – Reading Novels, Gardening, Social Media activities and OTT Binging J.

In all, every day is busier than the previous one. I am happy to be in this space.

When asked if she always knew that working in technology was what she wanted to do, she said, not exactly, I wanted to be in Hospitality or Modelling or may be an Actor. I did a lot of stage performances and I could have made my career in Acting, but somehow, life had a different path for me. After my schooling, along with B.Com, I joined the International Computer Course and to my surprise too I performed excellently and then from there, no looking back to starry careers. It was just DOS, Workstar, Lotus, Pseudocode, COBOL and me. I kept on enhancing my knowledge of almost every new technology coming in IT. Internet always fascinated me so I started to deep-dive into Web Technologies, Security automatically followed. In short, I explored and excelled in almost all areas of IT be it Infra, Application, Security, Web Technologies, Office Automation, Digital Marketing, and so on. And I am proud to say that all this is through self-study.

When asked if she has been in a situation where her gender has affected the way she was perceived or treated, and how she tackled the situation, she said, yes, of course. I agree that gender discrimination is there in the tech industry, in fact, in all industries. Many times it happened that I did not get my due promotions and like many other women, I always hesitated to stand for my right. I know I made that big mistake. It is a perception that a woman’s work as a hobby or passing time or overcoming her boredom and appreciating her work is not as important as it is of a male counterpart. We need to change this thought process. I used to get upset with all this but continued to work harder and harder, that’s me.

Speaking about the best part of being a woman in the tech industry, she said, by being creative and innovative, we can make a positive impact. It’s never boring, every day brings new challenges and you feel so accomplished when you provide the solutions, better pay packages, and you are in a position to encourage other women,

When asked if she has noticed a lack of women in technology and if so, why does she thinks that’s the case, she said, I was the only female in my company in IT for almost 18 years. I read somewhere that in the last 10 years there has been an increase in women’s participation in the IT industry; women constitute 35 percent of India’s technology industry. That’s good news. But it has to improve further. Women are motivated, analytical, loyal, and trustworthy. I wonder why they do not come forward in this field. I feel there are very few role models in this field. Data also show that there are fewer women studying technology and that women leave the industry within a year or two… this could be due to long working hours, work pressures, work-life balance, etc. Even in big tech companies, the general make-up of staff across all roles shows an overwhelming male majority. Gender stereotypes, Lack of talent pool, In-group favouritism are some of the reasons for the lack of women in technology.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Meta Platforms says ‘No industry or country can reach its full potential until women reach their full potential. This is especially true of science and technology, where women with a surplus of talent still face a deficit of opportunity.

When asked about her advice to women considering a career in the tech industry and what she wishes she had known, she said:

  • Find out a good and strong female mentor.
  • Participate in all relevant discussions.
  • Keep Learning; Keep Exploring.
  • Keep yourself updated; Read a lot.
  • Seek Opportunities.
  • Support other women.
  • Plan your career
  • Fight for your rights.

I slowly and gradually learned and practiced all the above. I would like to thank each individual who helped me to shape my career and supported me in this journey.

Heartfelt Gratitude….

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