This AI App allow recruiters to hire 10x faster and cheaper:

This AI App allow recruiters to hire 10x faster and cheaper:
This AI App allow recruiters to hire 10x faster and cheaper:

In this AI-first world, where productivity is revolutionised by innovative tools like ChatGPT, Babblebots’ AI-Recruiters stand out as a transformative force

Mumbai headquartered is causing a disruption in the world of recruitment. Now, the talent acquisition team does not need to call hundreds of candidates to do a ‘screening interview’ one-by-one and play phone-tag over weeks. AI-Recruiters are digital agents that employ voice technology, conversational intelligence, and proprietary AI algorithms to interview and evaluate candidates for technical and non-technical positions. They are powered by the neural network GPT-4 (the technology behind ChatGPT chatbot), other large language models (LLMs) and Voice AI.

Indian startups and SMEs are benefiting from an AI-powered recruitment solution that streamlines their hiring efforts. Despite the global economic slowdown, the Indian GDP continues to grow, creating ongoing hiring needs for companies of all sizes, including large enterprises, SMBs, and startups.

In this AI-first world, where productivity is revolutionised by innovative tools like ChatGPT, Babblebots’ AI-Recruiters stand out as a transformative force. These AI-Recruiters act as digital agents or co-pilots for recruitment teams, simplifying and accelerating the hiring process while delivering a transformative candidate experience.

Imagine a world, where instead of interviewing a single candidate in 30 minutes, one can set up an interview that interviews hundreds of candidates in the same duration, gives a list of the best ones as per the criterion and their skills, and the position can be filled within a day.

Babblebots is being used by 25+ companies of varying sizes, from publicly listed enterprises to startups and SMBs. With a library of 200+ job roles and a track record of conducting thousands of interviews, any company can get started using AI-Recruiters to accelerate their hiring and get to the best candidates fast. The technology is being used for all types of roles and industries, providing a truly universal AI-interview experience.

One of the customers, SustLabs, a startup specialising in energy efficiency, is living that scenario. Reedhima Mishra, the Head of Human Capital, faced the daunting task of recruiting in a rapidly expanding company, handling all recruitment responsibilities.

One of the key challenges Reedhima encountered was the time and resource loss during the hiring process. With hiring managers also functioning as heads of departments or co-founders, there was a lack of time to interview too many candidates. This prolonged the hiring process, significantly slowing down the company’s growth.

When Reedhima discovered Babblebots, she was excited to explore its potential as she had not seen anything similar in the recruitment landscape. Babblebots offered fully customizable interviews and the ability to track candidates’ progress throughout the hiring journey. Powered by GPT and other LLM models, the platform facilitated intelligent and probing conversations tailored to specific job roles. The user-friendly dashboard provided access to interview recordings, transcripts, and assessment reports, enabling informed and quick decision-making about the candidates.

Babblebots’ AI-matching technology and probing interviews emerged as standout features, expediting candidate shortlisting. By analysing job descriptions, candidate resumes, and employing multiple scoring criteria for soft skills, technical expertise, and personality fit, Babblebots presented Reedhima with a curated list of top candidates. This allowed her to focus on the most promising candidates, saving time and effort.

In her recent hiring campaign, she invested just 6 hours in the process, shortlisting 8 candidates, and extending offers to 4 of them. Without Babblebots, the same task would have taken more than 3 weeks.

In conclusion, as the Indian economy embraces an AI-first mindset, innovative solutions like Babblebots are set to reshape the recruitment landscape. By leveraging AI-Recruiters, businesses can streamline their hiring processes, reduce time-to-hire, and reach the best candidate fast.

Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Roli Gupta and Dhruv Jaglan, both IIT Bombay alumnus, Babblebots is a voice-technology and AI platform that is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape.

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