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Chrome OS new update: No video calls will drop off

Chrome books is also the focus as to make sure that devices can handle video conferences

Google has released the new Chrome OD update that will be beneficial for students in their studies. The students can run video calls at home while they are using apps like Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other tools. Even if there is low internet connectivity or regardless of the device students are using, the video calls will not get disconnected.

As students are using the same network as their parents, guardians and elder siblings who are putting heavy demand on bandwidth, the new Chrome update will help students a lot.

In order to ensure that students are not interrupted even if more than one person is using the connection at the same time, Google Meet will now adapt to the speed of the customer’s network by temporarily turning off some video feeds.

The company is also focused on improving Chrome books to make sure that devices can handle video conferences all day even if various apps are running. Also, Chrome book’s camera and video feed performance and efficiency have been improved to make sure that audio and video data don’t require any unnecessary processing.

Also, in the new Chrome OS, the company has improved the streaming of Meet videos. This would not only for students, but also for teachers will make it easier to choose a feature like grid view, in which they can see images of other Meet attendees without affecting the performance of other apps.

Even if students, while in a Meet, are running a Kahoot! Game or taking notes in a Google Doc at the same time, they will be able to see everyone.

The company is making efforts to make Google Meet adapt to the customer’s device and network more intelligently. Also, educators and learners who use Zoom for video conferences will see performance improvements as the engineering teams of Zoom and Google have been working together on service enhancements for Chrome devices.

Zoom will adjust video performance just like Meet based on devices in use and what participants are using their devices to do.

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