Deepen AI announces new features for 3D semantic segmentation

Deepen AI announces new features for 3D semantic segmentation
Deepen AI announces new features for 3D semantic segmentation

New features boost accuracy and efficiency for enterprises and young scale-ups

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/ Deepen AI, a world leader in multi-sensor annotation tools and services, today announced exciting new additions to their 3D semantic segmentation capabilities. Deepen AI’s tool supports over 500 million point clouds.

The rise of 3D segmentation is on the rise thanks to its diverse applications. Deepen AI’s cutting-edge solution empowers enterprises to detect precise object class, shape, size, and other intricate characteristics, all the way down to the point level. Until now, performing 3D segmentation posed challenges due to its complexity and high costs, often limiting access to detailed training and validation data.

The enhanced feature set includes:
Fused Point Cloud: Deepen AI’s fused point cloud technology efficiently combines data from various sensors. This integration results in richer and more comprehensive annotations that significantly enhance model accuracy and performance.

Advanced Point Categorization: Deepen AI empowers annotators by offering the ability to hide or unhide any class of points, creating cleaner and more focused point clouds that contribute to higher-quality training data.

Dynamic Paint Import: Deepen AI’s semantic segmentation tool enables the import of classification from 3D bounding boxes, allowing a more intuitive and efficient annotation process.

Foreground/Background Paint: With the introduction of paint annotations in both foreground and background contexts, Deepen AI enhances the granularity of annotations. This distinction refines the training data for machine learning models, ultimately leading to more accurate and reliable results.

Multi-Category Selection: Annotators can select and edit multiple categories simultaneously without affecting other points. This mode enhances efficiency and precision, ensuring optimal accuracy in labelling.

Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder of Deepen AI, shared, “Our AI-powered annotation tool combines 3D semantic segmentation with 3D and 2D bounding boxes, setting new benchmarks for ROI and quality. Our innovative feature set enables safety-critical AI developers to access high-quality training and test data without high costs, long wait times, or being forced to simplify their requirements.”

Leveraging years of experience, Deepen AI continues to push boundaries and innovate, offering a versatile annotation tool that caters to various industries such as automotive, robotics, agriculture, and drones.

On top of the semantic segmentation features, Deepen AI continues to offer enterprises a suite of productivity-enhancing features:
Expert In-House Team: An in-house managed and trained workforce specialises in annotation, ensuring accuracy and quality.
Advanced Reporting: Tailored reports deliver crucial insights at the click of a button, supporting diverse business requirements.
Automation: Deepen AI’s smart labelling function pre-labels data, reducing man-hours by over 85% and increasing efficiency.
Quality Assurance: Built-in QA flows empower enterprises to verify processed data quality, maintaining the highest standards.

Deepen AI possesses several certifications that reinforce its commitment to compliance, including AICPA SOC2, ISO 27001:2013, and GDPR Compliance.

Deepen AI will be exhibiting their latest technology at the IAA Mobility Conference in Munich, Germany, from September 4–8, 2023.

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