Startup Intelogos uses AI to redefine performance management

Startup Intelogos uses AI to redefine performance management
Startup Intelogos uses AI to redefine performance management

Unlocking Potential: Intelogos Harnesses AI for Next-Level Performance Insights and Growth

WILINGTON, DE, USA, August 30, 2023/ Startup Intelogos is redefining performance management through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Intelogos’ artificial intelligence-powered platform helps companies gain insights into company and employee performance and generates AI suggestions to help each team grow.

Regularly analysing team performance is critical to growth and success. However, traditional performance evaluations are often inefficient, subjective, and inaccurate. Intelogos changes this by offering an artificial intelligence-based system that gives businesses an objective, data-driven picture of performance in real time.

The Intelogos platform uses its own desktop app and integrates seamlessly with existing business tools, messengers, and project management software to provide insights into how employees are collaborating and working. Advanced machine learning algorithms analyse millions of data points to identify patterns indicative of high efficiency and productivity. The platform then provides personalised AI recommendations to improve employee, team, and company performance.

Intelogos empowers employees with the data and suggestions they need to grow their careers. Employees get the opportunity to study their individual data rather than waiting for subjective annual reviews. It helps them understand what they need to do to improve and get a promotion. It can even help them understand how to minimise distractions at work and improve their engagement, making their work a more calm and pleasant experience.

“We built Intelogos to provide teams with a performance management solution based on facts and data, not opinions and assumptions,” said Vasily Malyshev, CEO of Intelogos. “Our artificial intelligence platform provides the real-time visibility and actionable suggestions employers and employees need to improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and accelerate growth.”

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