Dentsu debuts MIXER & LUCIE in APAC with dentsu’s AI innovation marketing solutions

Dentsu Next debuts MIXER & LUCIE in APAC with dentsu's FIRST pair of AI Innovation Marketing Solutions
Dentsu Next debuts MIXER & LUCIE in APAC with dentsu's FIRST pair of AI Innovation Marketing Solutions

Dentsu, have leveraged the latest advancements in technology, to optimise efficiency & take the customer experience to unprecedented heights through

Dentsu Next, part of DENTSU CREATIVE debuted MIXER & LUCIE, reinforces commitment to establish meaningful connections with modern creativity between brands & consumers, through the use of technology to reinvent the future.

The debut of MIXER & LUCIE, aim to optimise all brand interactions & create unparalleled experiences! Dentsu brings value to businesses through our integrated ecosystem to seize opportunities in the AI-led digital marketing era – to maintain brand’s relevance & inspire authenticity across the customer journey. Ultimately, to help drive business profitability at every stage,” said Richard Tan, CEO of DENTSU CREATIVE China.

MIXER propels go-to-market strategy, significantly reduces product development time with data-led analysis & insights for competitive advantage.

By analysing big data on consumer trends, social sentiments across APAC, MIXER explores hundreds of scenarios based on the marketing requests input by users. This solution condenses a process that traditionally takes months into hours, while ensuring each fresh idea is generated.

MIXER addresses vital aspects of modern product ideation:

  1. Adapting to evolving market trends,
  2. Understanding consumer needs & preferences,
  3. Leveraging technology & data effectively.

Understanding the importance of transforming customer experiences through the creation of unforgettable moments that leaves lasting impressions, will be key to set one apart in this evolved marketing era,” said Ron Lee, Managing Partner dentsu next China.

When customer interactions are handled by unenthusiastic representatives, the result is often underwhelming & forgettable. These issues translate into potential revenue loss & leave businesses wrestling to find a solution.

LUCIE, is an advanced customer intelligence & engagement AI designed to enhance loyalty-driven experiences in the retail service industry, supported by Dentsu Japan, with a team of dedicated engineers and research team.

1stAI LUCIE digital Avatar production workflow, encompassing personality creation, visual look designs, voice creation & special ability creatives.

2ndLIVE LUCIE, in the world of hyper-realistic mocap production, she/he is not just any live generative production, but a fully rigged 3D model that allows complete customisation.

We’ve designed LUCIE to be a transformative asset in the customer experience journey,” explained Kaz Tsuburaku, Chief Experience Officer at DENTSU CREATIVE China.

Tsuburaku added, LUCIE seamlessly integrates into existing marketing workflows, enhancing them while creating a realm of new opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in meaningful ways.”

The transformative potential of AI is showcased in LUCIE’s wide array of capabilities. A remarkable advantage is the shortened model training time, enabling LUCIE to be fully functional in a matter of weeks.

AI is becoming a cornerstone of customer service for businesses around the world The key to growth is to strategically engage with evolved consumers, while being in control with content and creativity, to meet growing demands & capitalise on market opportunities, said Alex Chu, Creative Partner, DENTSU CREATIVE China.

At dentsu, we have leveraged the latest advancements in technology, to optimise efficiency & take the customer experience to unprecedented heights through:

Efficiency: Our technology makes waiting a thing of the past.

Cost Reduction: By automating mundane tasks and delivering unparalleled support, our solution reduces manpower costs. Our tireless and infinitely patient 24/7 service.

Elevated Experience: Through our solution’s multi-faceted engagement channels, you gain the power to connect with customers across various social media platforms.

Augmented Brand Identity: Our meticulous customer service avatars embody the essence of your brand, imparting a distinctive & branded experience.

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