How technology can streamline hiring process for companies?

How technology can streamline hiring process for companies?
How technology can streamline hiring process for companies?

India has a significant blue- and gray-collar workforce of 500 million people, who have been underserved in terms of technology-forward hiring. Fountain plans to change this by introducing its world-class, mobile-first, automated, high-volume hiring solution to India OMPrakash Muppirala, Head of Fountain India

This is an exclusive interview series conducted by Santosh Vaswani, Editor at CIO News with OMPrakash Muppirala, Head of Fountain India

Could you please tell us about the founding story of Fountain India?

​ Founded in 2014, Fountain, formerly known as Onboard IQ, started as a recruiting platform that identified a lack of high-volume hiring solutions in the market. They specialized in this niche and partnered with startups to help them scale their businesses through high-volume recruiting. Over time, Fountain refined its product-market fit and became the market leader in high-volume hiring. Their all-in-one Labor applicant tracking system allows companies to quickly find qualified candidates, streamline the application-to-onboarding process, and reduce time-to-hire from weeks to days or even hours. By simplifying the screening, interviewing, and hiring experience, Fountain keeps applicants satisfied while providing organizations with a pipeline of hourly talent ready to work. With hundreds of customers in over 75 countries, Fountain helps hire over 3 million workers annually.

After securing $100 million in Series C extension funding, Fountain expanded its vision globally. In India, Fountain has extended its presence to address the high-volume recruitment needs of Indian companies. They aim to assist in overcoming the challenges faced by these companies by providing a comprehensive hiring solution that covers the application, screening, qualification, and hiring processes. India has a significant blue- and gray-collar workforce of 500 million people, who have been underserved in terms of technology-forward hiring. Fountain plans to change this by introducing its world-class, mobile-first, automated, high-volume hiring solution to India. They are determined to help companies in India overcome traditional recruitment challenges such as manual outreach, messy spreadsheets, and disorganized data.​

  1. ​​Could you tell us about your product and which industries you cater to?

​ Fountain specializes in high-volume hiring for the blue and gray-collar workforce. Our product focuses on two key aspects: finding and hiring applicants. By automating processes, recruiters can dedicate their time to crucial tasks rather than simple, repetitive ones. We leverage AI, NLP, and ML technologies to enhance time-to-hire and decrease acquisition costs. With conversational AI and data-driven insights, we serve various industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, delivery, food and beverage, grocery, and professional services.

  1. ​​How can Fountain India’s technology solutions help organizations ease their hiring processes?

​ Fountain India’s technology solutions revolutionize hiring processes, offering significant benefits to organizations. By leveraging automation, companies can reduce time-to-fill and drop-off rates. Research shows that without AI technology, around 65 percent of candidates drop out during the hiring process. In high-volume hiring, this number is crucial. In today’s tech-driven world, technology plays a vital role in streamlining recruitment processes, making them more efficient and easier to execute.

Fountain India utilizes various cutting-edge technologies and platforms, particularly AI, to automate recruitment steps. With AI advancements, the volume of hiring becomes even more impactful, enabling faster and more accurate outcomes. By embracing automation, companies can enhance the overall quality of their content and services while reducing costs, expanding job opportunities, and boosting productivity.

Implementing automation in the workforce leads to successful strategies, improved time management, enhanced workplace safety, and better employee support. These factors contribute to significant employee retention and foster workforce development, ultimately driving the success of the organization.​

  1. ​​Could you tell us about the digital transformation journey of your organisation?

​ At Fountain India, our digital transformation journey has been remarkable. We recognized the need to revolutionize high-volume hiring processes by leveraging technology. By embracing a data-driven approach, we have transformed the way organizations find and hire talent. Our all-in-one platform utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, NLP, and ML to automate and streamline recruitment tasks. This has significantly reduced time-to-hire and improved overall efficiency. We have focused on enhancing the candidate experience through conversational AI and providing data-driven insights to make informed hiring decisions. Our platform serves industries such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and more. Through our digital transformation, we have become the market leader, empowering organizations to overcome hiring challenges and thrive in the dynamic workforce landscape.

  1. ​​What are the future expansion plans of your company?

​Our company has ambitious expansion plans for the future. We aim to build a world-class R&D team along with strong Sales/GTM, Sourcing, and Operations teams. Our focus is on acquiring customers in the high-volume hiring space, specifically in industries such as retail, hospitality, services, logistics, and warehousing. Additionally, we plan to establish a global support and operations team to provide efficient and effective assistance to our expanding customer base. These strategic initiatives will propel our growth and solidify our position as a leader in the high-volume hiring industry.

  1. What advice would you give to other companies in your industry?

My advice to other companies in this industry is to focus on the pain points your target audience experiences and how your product can help solve them. Many businesses don’t realize the root of their problem; it’s your job to research that and offer up a viable solution. Additionally, your product should evolve with the needs of your customers and integrate technology that will help them.

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