ICICI Lombard shifts focus to digital voice AI

ICICI Lombard shifts focus to digital voice AI
ICICI Lombard shifts focus to digital voice AI

Through intuitive, human-feeling communication, the Digital Voice Agent will successfully cut average call handling time, enhance call containment rates, and automate customer interactions

ICICI Lombard has begun its journey towards digital voice AI by partnering with Skit.ai, an AI-based SaaS voice automation platform. The collaboration will enable ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading private non-life insurance companies, to assist customers seeking the status of their health and motor insurance claims with an AI-powered Digital Voice Agent. By integrating with ICICI Lombard’s CRM systems, the Skit.ai Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform will improve the speed, accuracy, and convenience of interaction.

Girish Nayak, Chief of Service, Operations, and Technology, ICICI Lombard, said, “At ICICI Lombard, we believe that insurance is a promise that a customer pays for upfront, and the claim is the moment of truth. With our digital transformation strategy, we have set out to deliver on this promise with an intelligent Digital Voice Agent that cuts down on customer wait time and holds empathetic conversations. It is an unconventional, modern solution that simplifies a legacy process that is quite complex.”

Through intuitive, human-feeling communication, the Digital Voice Agent will successfully cut average call handling time, enhance call containment rates, and automate customer interactions. This is an important component of ICICI Lombard’s CX innovation strategy. Allowing human customer care workers to focus on more difficult claims and escalations, this strategic approach is projected to assist ICICI Lombard in achieving up to 30% call containment. Furthermore, it will enable them to save about 28% of contact center expenses.

Sourabh Gupta, CEO, and Co-Founder, of Skit.ai said, “Voice AI is steadily gaining traction in the customer experience space, emerging as a powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers. Especially in the insurance industry, timely customer engagement and smooth, personalized experiences are critical to delivering value. Leveraging Skit.ai’s SaaS-based Voice AI solution puts ICICI Lombard at the cusp of innovation, leading the charge for the digital transformation of the insurance experience as we know it.”

The selection hustle

The initial hurdles for the organization were deciding between a sophisticated system and going for a simple route since current technology should be able to support putting those minor portions live.

“We chose a more complicated process, which gives us a competitive advantage because it will be difficult for others to implement. We have not only installed the bot, but it is also integrated with our CRM systems; it creates tickets and forwards them to the team that needs to work on them. As a result, it’s a very integrated solution”, said Vasundhra Bhonsle, Head of Customer Support, ICICI Lombard.

The organization, to find a partner for this collaboration, did its research and has a list of preferred people from whom they have received positive references.

Bhonsle adds, “We talked to about four or five partners before we started working with Skit.ai, and they did a little better than others. For example, call stitching, which means that you can decode, wanted an end-to-end view of what happened on the call, including when the call was transferred to one of my call center executives. But what helped us zero in on Skit.ai was its responsiveness. They partnered well with us. They came to the table wanting to learn, bringing their learning, being open about understanding, and spending time understanding our processes.”

In receiving updates on the status of their claims in less than a minute, the Digital Voice Agent has already begun assisting customers, while providing a consistent and empathetic user experience. This also eliminates the boredom of having to navigate through IVRs and the typical DTMF experience.

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